[Hammer] Dynamic Vertex Buffer error


When attempting to change a prop_static to use props_am\am_server.mdl, Hammer crashes with the following error dialog:


Not sure what caused this to suddenly happen, but the model loads fine into the in-hammer viewer and clearly works both ingame and back when it was being added to AM and UC. I’m also pretty sure that the model has far fewer than 27960 verts, so maybe it’s a format issue?

Other variations of the server model work fine, so it’s not a showstopper for what I’m working on, but thought you ought to know.


Had this problem as well and I’ve been googling for the past half hour for a solution, luckily I’ve stumbled upon the forum again and this time I’ve made an account to give my feedback on this.
Here’s what I’m getting:

It ALWAYS happens in a particular portion of the map I’m working on, but it’s definitely not ‘props_am\am_server.mdl’, since I’m sure that I’m not using the model.
I’ve found two ways of getting around this:

  • Some clever use of Visgroups (as a temp fix)
  • Reducing Hammer’s resolution,basically just don’t work on any map that has this bug on fullscreen, but rather in windowed mode. A bit uncomfortable for sure, but it’s definitely better than using visgroups. EDIT1= Nevermind, this doesn’t always works.

EDIT2 = The model that was causing problems for me was: ‘zombies\zombie_grunt.mdl’ used as a prop_ragdoll. Torso and legs of said model work fine however.