Happy Birthday Fong!

Happy birthday to the Fongman!

If your life has improved as well as your English, I suspect you are laying on a cot of gold eating grapes being fed to you by beautiful women. :smiley:

Happy birthday, Fong!

Happy Fongday, Fong.

Fong day for all!

Happy Fong day.

Thanks, guys.

happy birthday fong!, go forth my son you’re a man now

Happy Birthday!

Fong wasn’t born…He always was… what the fuck is this?

Happy Birthday

Have a Present:

Hahaha, guys. Y’all always make me laugh

Happy day of birthing, Fong!

Happy day of your birth, Fong!

Happy Birthday Fong!
You’ve grown a lot since back when your Engrish weren’t not great.

happy birthday man

Grammar and age :smiley:

Engrish? Nah, he speaks a language that’s much better: Fongrish.

Happy Hatchday!

Happy Fongday!

Happy Fongday!