Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


I LOVE IT! <3 Excellent work, guys! And congratulations! :thumbup:


I probably pissed the whole of Black Mesa off. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Just finished my first run of the Hazard Course.
(Man, Gordon better be well paid for this crap hehe.)
Here are my first impressions:

WARNING: Spoilers below, unless you don’t care going in blind on this.


Love this first part, reminds me so much of Blue Shift. Nice touch with the BM theme too.


This image perfectly describes the Hazard Course: Fashioned-up and reused.


And to my surprise, Kleiner is here to monitor my progress. Always thought the Hazard Course needed that extra monitoring.


Some tutorials are greatly expanded, such as this one about first aid.


This part’s my favorite: the armory. Always thought that part of the course was lacking somehow, but it’s greatly expanded to my surprise.


You have no idea how much I wanted to ride that tram a little longer before the course ends…
I wonder if this timer is actually timed to how long I finished the course though.

I have not experienced any game-crashing bugs, no odd physics going about.
Overall, great work! I absolutely love it!


It is :slight_smile:


To anyone wondering: yes, the timer actually works. To anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll know it when you see it. :slight_smile:


ok downloading mod just for this. Damnit going to be like 8 hours before I can play :frowning:


We’re really sorry about no Steam support, yet, guys. Feel bad about that, but we didn’t want to delay a finished mod. :c


Congratulations on your release. It looks very promising. Still I will wait for the Steam version since I don’t want to download and install the (almost) same game twice.


Holy crap, now that is just brilliant. Will do a second run through to check for anything interesting.

And hope to beat the timer next time. Is there an actual percentile system going on? :rolleyes:

Hey, when it’s ready, it’s ready. :thumbup:


Hmm. I like the warehousey section of the exterior, but I have to say that the dormitory area at the very beginning looks rather unpolished. Are there currently plans to continue improving that area?

The interiors look just awesome, though. I wish I could get the mod to download so that I could play through it myself…


There’s no “real” percentile system, but the scientists will say different things depending on how long it took you to complete the course. We tried to make the Course as responsive to the player as possible-- there are lots of tiny things you can do that will annoy the scientists or get them to react in different ways. We hoped that this would increase the replay value of the Course, which hopefully is worth it given the long development time!

Err, what dormitory? I don’t recall including a dormitory in the mod.


I think he means the intro part of the first map when on the tram.


welp, mod not downloading, so going to have to wait for the game version… or some one to post videos.


Wow. Just came out of lurking to pass along my congratulations to you and the Hazard Course team. This seriously exceeded my expectations – there’s just so much polish and attention to detail, and you all gave us much MUCH more than just a simple recreation of the original. I loved in particular the voice acting for Gina and the shooting range instructor. All that extra dialogue and humorous bits kept me smiling the whole way through (especially at the very end). In my opinion this is a “must-have” addition to the BMS proper game and I really would love to see it integrated if that was somehow possible. Really glad I kept the original Black Mesa mod version installed so I could enjoy this (and I’m definitely glad to hear you all will be making it compatible eventually for the Steam version).

This was definitely the best X-mas gift this year for me personally. Hope you all have a great New Year’s and you all can take it easy for a while knowing that you made one hell of an excellent contribution to the Half Life community!


I don’t know if I’m physically capable of blushing, but I’m most definitely capable of internally squeeing in happiness. Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it! <3

I can add it to the list of areas to further improve for Steam, if you think it needs work.
Also, is there an issue with the download for you?


I haven’t gone through the Hazard Course since the original release in 1998 so, playing this brought back some memories of it but not many.
Now, I’m going to have to install my original HL and play the Hazard Course again, damn you!!!

REALLY enjoyed it!


Done a second, and even a third playthrough.

Second was a speedrun, done in less than 15 minutes. Got different dialogue alright.

Third was just straight up f**king around. Love the extra dialogue such as when you die in the Hazard Course. Two things stick out:


The errors just say it all.


Well that went dark fast. Now I just spent too much time trying to survive the onslaught for as long as I can. :evil:

Also, will you guys allow rats to be killed? Always did that in the original Hazard Course. :smiley:


If you ever try to hurt Snoot I will murder you.

I don’t think we’ve placed any rats passed the firing range. Originally we were going to have them be an NPC, but we encountered weird issues that we couldn’t figure out how to solve.


Well the rats in the original were in that firing range so I figured they had a death wish hehe. :evil:

Jokes aside, that’s a shame about those weird issues. Got any ideas so far of what to expect in the Steam version of the mod?


Downloading the Mod version just for this! Can’t wait.