Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


Mostly some stuff that we were gonna do for this first release, but didn’t have time. Some miscellaneous cuts and fixes, prop upgrades (for the particularly old and bad ones), environment touch ups, additional lines of dialogue, stuff like that. The Steam version will likely have some or all of that, plus any tweaks or changes we make according to feedback we hear.

Also, one thing I’m going to look into more is Gina. Or more specifically, her animations. One thing we had planned was her to be very animated, but Source decided to be Source and screw us for no reason as far as we could see. In fact, this wasn’t just “planned”; I actually went through every Gina choreo file and gave her something. It’s actually fully implemented in the choreography, even in the public release you have, it’s just broken in-game because… reasons? shrug


Endless frustration when me and Mike spent days trying to fix it only for no results. So yeah, I can’t make any guarantees, but I’m hoping this is something we can sort out.


What a shame that Source didn’t let Gina’s choreography work properly. It’s no wonder Gina was static for the most part.


Agreed. Hopefully the Steam version will allow for more of this stuff.


But in seriousness, great job on getting this out! As a tester of the various alphas it was a real treat returning to this after some extended absence. I loved the choreography in this (even if limited by serce erngine, but you guys are aware of that), and this was also the first time that I heard the voice acting in full. Seeing all the new scenes that I had no idea where there, all the expanded areas. It’s like I said in the tester chat tonight: “Just had porn in video game form”.

This was an amazing triumph and I am so happy for everyone! Color me pleased when I read that all of you are continuing on to other projects together. It will be so neat to see what ya’ll think of next~


I spent so much time trying to get Gina’s gestures to work, and even though I failed in the end, I learnt a lot about the Source engine.


Few more minutes and i’ll be playing the mod.
See you soon with the feedback!


Played it, and I couldn’t stop playing it till the end.

Well done with all, like maps, tests, faces, voices/lines , and… shotgun handling AI.


Fantastic job people!

Couldn’t resist, so i “noclip checked” every closed door i could find, every dark corner.
Found two easter eggs, i was not disappointed!
Again fantastic job!

My hints and hidden spoilers for the Easter eggs:

  1. Hell awaits you![/size]

I found a skull on the floor behind a vertical pipe/silo at the rotating bridge.When you grab it, you spontaneously combust!

  1. Keep the work area clean and safe for your fellow workers.

I found the Vortigaunt janitor cleaning the floor behind unopenable double blue doors.Behind the doors is a wall with safety posters.Inside go right, and there he is.


I just replayed the course, and I enjoyed it, well I felt more like a test subject for the scientists’ crappy course than training myself to use the suit. The training range was well-made and I laughed at the repeated confusion of Freeman’s misplaced firearm exercise. The whole look of the retrofitted facilities was convincing, and the additional scenes (intro, outro and everything else) were good ideas.

I found an easter egg too, the science wand n°2, under the elevator platform with a forklift on it. I couldn’t bring it through the whole course though, it was blocked by an invisible wall at the entrance of the extreme cold chamber. There’s also the not-really-leaking potable water pipe.

The only complains I have are perhaps more related to the mod version of Black Mesa itself (some ugly textures and long loading times), though the outside buildings in the intro look a bit too flat and the outro could use a bit more detailling outside too. There is also the hologram platform at the beginning of the swimming course.:It stands on a concrete disc going through the catwalk, and I guess the model was ported by mistake with that chunk.

Other than that, it was really fun to play, and felt more like a short story than just a training course. Well done to you guys and congrats on making your own team official. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Forgot to mention, that whole berserk situation was over the top, but damn hilarious.


Reminder that I basically made this whole mod by making that 10/10 sign texture, y’all better be grateful.


This is intentional. The holo emitter model doesn’t render any polygons from the bottom, so I had to block the bottom with something, otherwise you’d be able to see the nonexistent bottom from under the catwalk.

If you only found two easter eggs, I’m afraid you’re not very good at noclipping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also there are some eggs that are not related to noclip at all. I think you guys are gonna have fun in the next few weeks tearing this thing apart, heh.


In that case I would suggest changing the material to that catwalk metal.


There are more of them, ha?
You sneaky little devs!

I’m no noclip expert, but i’ll try harder.
If there are some E eggs that don’t require noclipping,
then i guess i didn’t notice them…


Imo, this should just be in the base game, I hope CC is going to work with you guys.


So I found a sound file called “radio01.wav” and it was a Morse code so I tried to decode it and this is what happened



I was afraid people would go digging through the files before finding it ingame. :frowning:
The ingame radio isn’t even in a hidden area. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know I’ve already posted in my thread about my captions, but I’ll post it here again.

BTW, if you’ve already downloaded the version of my captions with HC and Uplink or the combination of those 2 and Surface Tension Uncut, please re-download that. The bms_english.txt is updated for those versions to have the same HUD hints as you would see if you’re playing the game with the Hazard Course alone or the combination of the Hazard Course and STU.


finally took almost a day to re install the mod version for this… first run took 22 minutes, second run noclipped like mad, I am 100% sure the mod has at least 4 easter eggs for part that do not require noclip to see.

ok a standard run, fastest time I have managed, also long jump is epic for skipping large chunks of the course.


Sounds like <15 minutes is the going time for a speedrun. Will try noclipping to see the easter eggs for myself.


12:05 is my record for the final build, but I botched a couple of tricks I know of. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually wasn’t aware of this one until last night.