Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


Fantastic mod ! I loved all sceneries at the beginning and the end !

Unfortunately I experience a CTD… It just after I died in the battle with the guards (and their marvelous flashlights !). As a quick save just before shooting, I think something went wrong when loading the save. There was a source error but can’t remember the code… Sorry… I didn’t reproduce it either.

To change the subject, the french translation team will translate your captions. I can’t tell you when it will be finished but I hope it will be for your Steam released and after real translations will be in Black Mesa (and not this ugly google translate 24h work rushed translations we have today for german, spanish, italian…) . I send you a email or a PM when it’s done !


I sort of messed up on my run, think I can easily get 13 minutes, sort of fell off of the tram and messed up the damn rotating platform a few times. (long jump actually makes that thing harder)


While playing through the Hazard Course, I managed to complete it in a little over 11 and a half minutes (11:38 to be exact). There are certain things you can do (without noclipping) that can get you to the end faster.


I believe Mr. GameGrazy currently holds the record among our dev/testing team. As far as I know, nobody has ever legitimately achieved a time under 10 minutes… Yet.

If you get under 10 minutes, PLEASE share a video here!


Yes. We would really like to see that. I don’t even think it’s possible right now, but please prove me wrong.


I’m sure someone’s capable of it.


You’re probably right. There are some really neat tricks I’ve seen people do for speed runs like in one Black Mesa Uplink speedrun.


B) Made it in 12:08, I will upload a video and the demo.


Fantastic job guys! Especially loved that there was an intro and outro! The detailing was superb and I liked the characters. (That’s a first for a ‘tutorial’)
Is there a way to turn off the power in that electrical room? I climbed up that locked ladder and found a powerbox, but couldn’t seem to turn it off. I mainly wanted to piss off the scientists…
Also, which area of the facility is this in? In the intro/outro, it seems like there’s not much to the facility in this part - like it’s the northernmost side. But what about the main entrance + lobby which I’m sure would be somewhere? Alright, well, it may just be me that always thinks about these things - piecing the facility together. GG guys, GG.



Why does Black Mesa have so buggy demos ?
Now I need to redo the entire run and record it live.


Second run, it’s something I guess.


Fucking hell, I cant record without it crashing atleast once.



Pro-tip - Open Broadcast Software (normally used for streaming on Twitch) works really well for screen recording in Source engine games if you want to just record it straight as a single segment video.


Ok, I´ll try. It´s just that Black Mesa always crashes on loading a new map.

EDIT: It kinda worked. It messed up the resolution, soooooo: TAKE 5


Third run, but i lost a shitton of time with the turning bridge :frowning:


Okay, I´ll upload a single segment 11:35 run.


I think that my favorite part about this mod is the dialogue for noclipping…


Any ideas on what music I should add into the speed run video?
I´m thinking of the HL1 or Undertale soundtrack.


Sorry, but there isn’t a way to do that.

Edit: Anyway, I just did another speedrun and got 11:05.


Damn, you broke my record :cursing: :thumbdown:

Whatevs, I´m still going to upload my run and post it here :slight_smile: