Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


If I remember correctly, the Hazard Course is in Sector A, near the satellite transmitter.


Black Mesa download time remaining: 31 minutes
Hazard Course download time remaining: >2 hours

Haha wow, the mod version is going to be done downloading before this mod. Still looking forward to it.


I´m going to upload my run tomorrow, I finished rendering just now, no way I´m going to upload 3 gigabytes to YouTube with my shitty internet connection at 01:36 AM.


Use Handbrake to get the filesize down. I used it to bring a 55 min 4GB file down to ~650MB.
A lot of recorders have crappy encoding or compression (or none at all), so the filesize is gigantic. No reason for 12 minutes of footage to take 3GB.


I know that much, haha. But what is the satellite transmitter you speak of?


According to Half-Life: Decay there’s is a SatCom center just above the Hazard Course.

Anyway, we didn’t really try to expand too much upon what goes on in this part of the facility outside of the Hazard Course, since we don’t know a whole lot about Sector A. We observed the original Half-Life and decided the Hazard Course takes place primarily in a disused (or hardly used) waste treatment facility (seemingly supported by some of HL1’s environments) and nearby lesser-used storage facilities (supported by HL1 environments as well as Half-Life: Decay), and that was the end of it, really.


Thank you for crediting me correctly as King of the Universe. :wink:


people using nvidia cards should really be using shadow play (if you have a recent ish card, 650+ maybe?)

No lag to in-game performance and can record at 60fps with great visual fidelity, filesize is normally pretty good but as crypt said, use handbrake to floor the size if needed.

Spoken to crypt already but just want to say, congratulations to you all on this release, it’s brought back some fun memories of trying to rush the course and then just exploring it.

Also congrats on the formation of PSR, looking forward to this teams future projects, happy new year to you all!


Sadly, it makes Black Mesa 2012 much more likely to crash at loading zones.


I’ve never experienced a crash while using it in Black Mesa 2012, but I must be one of the lucky few.


To be fair, I´m using the beta branch of Geforce Experience, so I don´t have ShadowPlay, I use “Share™”




youtube.com/watch?v=1omLzle … e=youtu.be


I’ve refrained from updating my Experience to Share just yet by switching back to the stable release, I like the idea of having an overlay for quick access to stuff but 9 times out of 10 they cause havoc with games, especially Source titles, but that’s enough off-topic from me for now.

I’ll get round to recording myself at some point, doubt it will be as fast as many people here but I’ll give it a shot :smiley:


I’d love to play this, but since this is only for hte mod version, I’m all for waiting until you guys get this baby on the steam release. Good work though


How odd. The in-game timer is supposed to start when the elevator opens, not when the intro holo scene ends.


Played the HC mod … you guys did a great job :slight_smile: …the atmosphere felt BM-ish, I enjoyed every moment and change in the gameplay, dialogues were funny…It was worth waiting :slight_smile:


That´s strange, I mean, I just made a 11:35 timer, placed the end at the camera shot and cut out the loading times.


Well, I’ve done a lot of mistakes, and I still need to learn some source speedrun tricks, but I think it’s a quite good time :o ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7MtRfHalIs’


I already saw that ^^
You seem to not completely know any good routes to take, sometimes it looked as if you just looked around yourself without completely knowing what to do for a second.
Other than that, good run!