Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


Indeed! I’ve been too busy to try out the finished Hazard Course just yet, but I will certainly give it a try ASAP! Congrats on getting it finished!


Someone found a few neat tricks. We knew about a healthy majority, but some are out of left field.


That music though. ;_;


Oh geez I didn’t even have audio turned on the first time, all it needs now is a wheezy “What’s up everybody?!” and it’s the perfect “That Walkthrough” video


If you thought the updates would end at release, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Here’s one of the new models I’m working on for the Steam release:


To be continued…!


You´re already at it? Awesome work! :thumbsup:


Here’s a question about the mod in general.
With this release, they HC to me feels like the facility made the HC with low budget.
So in the game, the company made the course like the weren’t interested in it.

So will the final release be more like a “scavenger build” or like a “brand new”?


Sounds to me like we did what we were aiming for, then. :stuck_out_tongue:
We definitely wanted the course to seem like they didn’t really focus a whole lot on turning it into the course, with some bits looking clearly makeshift and retrofitted. I think overall it’ll be about the same in the final release.


There better be some out of place drawings of batteries inside those tubes like in the original HC, Crypt.


Even better, we could put in actual batteries!


Or speedboosts like in trackmania.
That way you can skip the 2nd pipe.


I tried the “batteries” at first but they looked like trash because the metal’s corrugated. I settled on numbers (which you can’t see well in this shot because of the bracket.


Accidentally discovered the snack machine wasn’t static.

Took it with me.

Getting it down those stairs, and then back upright, took some tricky barrel work.

It stayed on the tram the entire way.

Halfway through that debacle I realized I wish I had recorded it, but I am sick, so I hate my voice even more than I usually do.

Also, I [spoiler]followed the radio broadcast instructions on that one door in the beginning, but nothing happened. Some odd noises behind it, but nothing.


Observation is key.


They’re waiting for you, Doordon.
In the tessssst chamberrrrgbyw


One of my favorite bits I got out of my most recent run through (still trying to figure things out arghhhh), was that you can see where the first map started from the finale, just down the road to the right and across the street.

(I quasi-confirmed my hypothesis by noclipping in the intro and finding a scale model of the strange octagonal-ish building from the finale in the skybox there)

All of this was realized after carrying a Bubacell battery halfway through the mod before hitting a physwall in a door.

Also: Re: Observation is Key:
Just tell me you guys didn’t add anything to FNaHC. Cuz I saw that flash by in the installer.


The FNaHC map included in the Hazard Course official release is identical to the one we released earlier on ModDB, with the possible exception of an imperceptible difference in cubemaps.

EDIT: I’m still waiting for someone to actually beat it. It can’t be that impossible… right?


Oh, found a bug today too. On my way out of the fridge area of the course, I decided to quickly duck back out of the chamber-lock. I was then trapped in the previous room. Was able to do the same with most of those types of rooms, with the exception of the one before the toxin test. The middle door in that chamber-lock prevented such haxxors.



Confused i am,
from the picture you posted.

Are those doors suppose to replace that one down left in the corner?