Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)



This is a problem that kept catching us at every turn. We’ll look into some more.


More like whoever implemented those doors got lazy and never bothered to use player clip brushes. :stuck_out_tongue:




It was especially fun moving unbreakable pallets into elevator doors, though I think that issue was fixed.


Quick question for y’all:

Will you release your assets to the public at some point?


I assume you mean source files? The assets are already out.
VMFs are possible. Once we’re done with them we might. If not, there’s plenty of decompiling software. Not exactly ideal, but still an option.

Material and model sources are pretty much a no. Material sources are gigantic, and because of our initial bad organization a lot of modelsrc files aren’t around, or wouldn’t be worth sharing.


Models for Black Mesa can be easily decompiled into .smd and materials, well, I think you could just use VTF-Edit to save them as a targa.


I mean the actual source files. Anyone can decompile a model or export a material. It’s so easy to do that there’d be no point in us doing it.


Okay, stupid and minor, but I am going through the Hazard Course remake now and I found something silly.

In the room with the HEV suit, you can jump off the platform to your death below. If you do that before getting the HEV suit, one of the scientists can remark after your death, “So much for the protective properties of the HEV suit” (or something similar–there seems to be multiple remarks made by the scientists after your death).

I just think it’s odd that the scientists will remark about the protective properties of the suit you’re not wearing.

Again, really minor.


I suppose they could be sarcastically commenting that the Suit, while miraculous, was incapable of protecting Gordon before he put it on. But yeah, that is silly.


First time through the course: 37 minutes 14 seconds.

Nice work on this! Kudos to the team! I really enjoyed all the additions and I had a pleasant time through the course! Thanks for making this!


Thankies for playing and enjoying! Also, thanks for the report about the death line. That’s an oversight on our part.

Definitely a humorous interpretation of it, but I think that might be a bit of a stretch for most. We’ll get it sorted.


An option, if you don’t want to do programming for the scientists’ lines for the death of Freeman*, is to just throw up invisible walls around the platform so the player can’t jump off it. I’m not sure if the scientists say different things upon Freeman’s death (such as if he drowns in the water or whatever).

  • So much for the future’s messiah, eh? Can’t even get through a training course without falling to his death! We’re all doomed![/size]


It’s generally our policy to not try and prevent non-game breaking stupid player actions, in favor of simply allowing them and adding appropriate reaction lines. So we will not be adding player clips there. Also, adding player clips there would be inconsistent, given that other railings of that same height do allow players to jump over them.

Regardless, it should be simple to just not include that line in the response pool if you don’t have the suit on. Thanks for the report!


Nooo! One hour of discussion about the translation of this cursed sentence for nothing. ^^


To that effect: In the “here’s how you cross a gap by pushing a box” room, there is an equally high fence with player clip brushes. Perhaps a slight reorganization of pipes to make them the natural top-barrier instead?


Yeah I never really liked that barrier, but that’s one of the few cases where allowing the player to jump down there would be game-breaking, because there would be no way to get back up and you’d just get stuck forever unless you noclip.

I’ll leave it up to Crypt to decide if he wants to do anything about that, since he designed that room.


Another bug (visual this time) I discovered during my search of interesting places. This place is also a safe spot as you can see in the third screenshot.


And by the way, I find my interesting place of the day ^^ :


How did you manage to get up to those spots?


It was easy, thanks to the Long Jump module.