Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


That longjump is the bane of my existence.

I do have a plan for it. Not sure how it actually turn out, but I have a plan for it.


That damn thing is probably our worst enemy.

Video, please? :slight_smile:


I shouldn’t but we are friday. Here’s your video.

youtube.com/watch?v=VBQGQCv … e=youtu.be

Looks like I’m trapped. ^^


need a skeleton with an HEV suit in that corner now.


Oh, joy… xD


After I have played through the HC a couple of times, I remembered the video you guys put out about 6 months ago (I Want a Taco was the song I believe). So I played the HC from the beginning and found the taco in the trash can at the tram station and started carrying it around just for giggles. Ladders were a bit of a challenge but I did find a few doors that if I got too close the taco would clip through them and I sometimes would have to re-pickup the taco. Just did this for fun.


I’m not supposed to say this, but there’s a taco-based easter egg inspired in part by that video, but it’s currently (partly) broken. :frowning:


I’m not supposed to say this, but it’s currently impossible to complete the course though normal means without coming within 4 feet of another taco.


hmmmm I wondered why you put the taco into the demo video. Now I KNOW. Thanks The whole thing looks GREAT.


Actually, I’m not sure who put the taco there first, but we had no idea it was so ridiculous until our alpha tester Deathmonkey discovered it and made that video. We had no idea it was so absurd until that video showed off its madness.

And now it’s something of a phenomenon in and of itself. Funny how these things work, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


I read this thing.

I think a stream of the different iterations would be great. Or maybe a video series broken into smaller chunks if we can’t make the stream?

Anyway, good read. Thanks for the tips. Figure most of that stuff can come in handy in areas outside of game development.


Yeah I tried to keep the advice in that article as general as possible. It’s definitely applicable to a lot of different projects that aren’t related to gaming.


It’s mostly all general advice with us as examples of things that worked wonderfully or failed miserably.


I remember hearing about the water maze and guessing the dark flare maze thing was caused by suggestions from this forum.


Yeah we tried for ages to fit the flares into their own dedicated room, and there were several attempts at it, but none of them were very convincing, so we just did what we did for the course and put them on a desk before the flashlight section.

Anyway guys, yeah I was gonna start a new thread or something for my article that I just posted on ModDB, since I felt that it was broad enough advice that could potentially warrant its own thread, but given that people are already talking about it here I figure I may as well just keep the discussion here.

As I mentioned in the article, I’m considering doing a livestream of a number of different past versions of the Hazard Course, to showcase how the Course evolved over time. If people want to see it, leave a post in this thread so I can judge interest and perhaps eventually come up with a good time for everyone. If you’re interested, you should definitely think of stuff that you might want to see/ask about during the stream (if I do it) and let me know in this thread.

Also, we plan to eventually release a bunch of old Alpha/Beta builds for you guys to experience for yourselves, so definitely keep an eye out for those if you’re into that sort of thing.


It’d be neat to see a livestream with all the developers together, maybe with everyone commentating while one plays through.


Fun fact: Back then there was one point where I actually had to cheat to get the taco to the end of the hazard course by deleting a func_cliip_vphysics that covered a door via a console command. I don’t know if it’s still there or not.


As I recall, DKY went through the course and added filters for the tacos.


I in fact did add filters to all the physics clips to specifically allow the taco through.

Anyway, as for the Cool Hazard Course Past Versions Stream, I’m thinking either this coming Saturday or Sunday. Anyone have any preference?


Sunday is the “prepare for monday”-day.