Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


All right unfortunately stuff has come up, and Saturday is now out of the question.

In which case, I’ve decided to start the stream on Sunday, January 17th, 2016, at 4:00 PM US Eastern Time.

If you’re not able to watch, I’ll see if I can figure out how to get Twitch to save the broadcast, and if that doesn’t work, then I might even take the time to record a standalone video. Looking forward to seeing the two people who are gonna tune in! :wink:

EDIT: The stream will be broadcast on my Twitch channel, so keep an eye on that.

EDIT2: In the meantime, if you have any questions you’d like me to answer on the stream, feel free to ask and I’ll see if I can address them.


For those of you who couldn’t tune in to the Terrible Alphas livestream earlier this week, fear not! I have figured out how the hell Twitch Past Broadcasts works, and I have made a heroic attempt to get the whole thing exported to Youtube.

If you were unable to watch, here’s the recording! If there are any issues with it, please let me know. (I was admittedly unable to sit through an entire test run of the whole video due to other things I need to prioritize in life instead of watching 3 hours of terrible Hazard Course builds).


In the coming weeks, we will be releasing the original Alpha builds (and the one Beta build) showcased during the stream. And so, the public shall be graced with JeffMOD’s wonderful voice acting for all to hear. Keep an eye out for that!


sorry I missed the livestream, but I’m enjoying this so far :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m having streaming issues at 01h48m, but I’m assuming it’s just me not getting along with youtube.


Yeah sometimes I have streaming issues at around the 2 hour mark. Lowering the stream quality might help. Youtube is probably just acting up.


I am watching this right now, jeez quite a work was done…


Never fails to amaze me how much effort people put in games.
(by games i mean games that were made for fun, not for money)


Well finally got to it and I gotta say I wasn’t expecting that ammount of detail, fantastic work, loved it from start to end, loved the BM theme, Bickford’s sass, jokes on exploits, the fact that you actually kept jeffs let’s get on with it, the startup sequence, the taco(btw what’s the book next to it in the trash?) and everything else really. The only thing that saddened me is that I brought the mop bucket to the security guard in the camera room hoping to get a fnahc reference.

Also worst strim nice stream, too bad I missed it, it was really interesting seeing how the process went, and the cut rooms. It also allowed me to understand where that Blur Mesa sign came from, and if there’s something I learned from it is to never use values of 6. I also remember that I think I also suggested for the flare room though my idea was to simply let the player know it was flamable, I had no idea you’d make such complex rooms, but I guess that makes me an official hc forum fag 8) .

On a final note I did find a bug,I was able to talk to the guard at the entrance of the shooting range through the window, but his lines show that I definately wasn’t meant to.


Yeeeeeeah that’s a known bug. My guess is we forgot to disable the ability to +USE him when we implemented his lines. Whoops.

We’ll fix it at some point in the future, whenever the next update will be.


Heh, I will check that out too :slight_smile:

Talking about security guards, - crazy I know - but I really like how they immidiately become hostile if we start shooting people in that final room, just like as it was in the original Half-Life. In Black Mesa guards nearly apologize for being alive when we shoot them,… sigh, hope the dev tema will fix that.


It just occurred to me we never posted about this here.
There’s full details in the ModDB article, so I’ll be brief.

Simply put there’s an assortment of custom file-read issues with Steam Mesa that sort of inhibit us from creating a proper Steam Workshop version of HC. Custom choreo, resource and script files among others don’t override stock BM files. In short, some things would be broken and just not work at all, others we’d technically be able to circumvent or cut. In addition to this, some logic_playerproxy functions aren’t being called when they should be which also causes some problems.

Our options are to either release a horribly broken version of HC that’s inferior to the mod version, or just wait and hope the issues with Black Mesa get fixed. We’re not sure if/when they will, and we understand the developers have far more important things to work on right now. So for the time being, as annoyed as we are to do so, we’re gonna call it on HC and just leave it at the mod version for now while we go focus on other stuff our team wants to do.

If the problem areas of Black Mesa do get sorted later on, we’ll come back to it and get a Steam Workshop release cookied up for you guys with all its bells and whistles. Until that time, we’re shifting focus pretty much entirely away from HC.




When I first downloaded Black Mesa: Hazard Course, it all looked so much better than the original, except for one little detail that caught my eye when I observed my first playthrough. The hologram’s icon was ridiculously blocky! So I redrew the 7x13 pixel art for the Hazard Course hologram’s hourglass icon, ran it through the amazing pixel filter 4xBRZ twice, and replaced the old pixelated icon on both frames of the original vtf with this new cleaner smoother one.
Replace hc_v1.0.0/materials/models/props_hc/electronics/holobutton.vtf with the included file. Hourglass Mod.zip (106 KB)


It’s blocky to simulate ASCII block art. You know, this sort of thing…

██████████████ ██ ██ ██████████████ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██████████████ ██ ██ ██████████████
After all, I don’t expect the holobutton terminal to be able to do much other than display text! Although I do suppose the HEV suit icon at the bottom is a graphic that it can display, so you could make an argument for that.

Either way, if the smoothed out hourglass is your cup o’ tea, feel free to use it! It’s pretty awesome that our mod-of-a-mod is getting a mod. So like, I guess you could say this is a mod-of-a-mod-of-a-mod? Heh. :stuck_out_tongue:


I drew the hourglass a couple different ways, but decided in this context it looked best blocky, yes, sorta like ASCII art.
Anyway, neat reskin. :smiley:


Awesome Remake

Everyone was waiting :slight_smile:


I know you meant well in trying to show everything off, but please, PLEASE get your jitters out before you start recording - all that whipping around of the camera was making me physically ill. If you want to show something off, decide you’re going to show it off and then just let your camera linger on the subject for a few seconds before moving on, and make slow, deliberate movements; what you were doing was unprofessional and gave the sense that you didn’t really know what you wanted to show at all.


That’s because it was unprofessional (I don’t get paid for this!), and I didn’t know what I wanted to show at all. It was a livestream and I made everything up on the spot.

If I had recorded it in advance, I would have planned it out much better. And if you were present for the livestream, perhaps you could have told me that in person rather than several months after the fact.


Oh yeah, we have a thread, don’t we?

I should post what I posted on FB over here, too. I’ll just copy/paste it because I’m lazy.

Heya, guys, Chris here! We know it’s been a while, so I just want to drop you a quick message so you all know we’re not intentionally keeping you out of the loop.

Unfortunately, we have no updates to give on the Steam version of Hazard Course. Despite recent updates to Black Mesa, there are still crucial issues with the engine and the way custom content is handled in Black Mesa’s Steam version that prevent us from making a Steam-compatible version of the add-on. While we’re sure the guys over at Crowbar Collective are doing everything they can to get many of the issues sorted, we don’t have an ETA on when that will be done, and by extension have no clue when we will be able to work on a Steam-compatible version.

We will direct as much of our attention as we can to creating and releasing an upgraded version of Hazard Course for Black Mesa’s Steam version once the issues have been resolved. In the meantime, the team has been focusing on their lives, friends, family, and other projects.

Thankies so much for hanging in there in the mean time, guys! We know it’s disappointing to have to wait for the release, especially for you guys who have been holding out for the Steam release, so we truly appreciate your patience! We’ll be sure to let you guys know the second we have news for you.

Any questions, comments, concerns, accusations or hatemail, feel free to voice them.


Spent the last week making new props and working on making the coldroom look a bit better. Here’s how it stacks up as it was in released last year and how it looks now.


unbeknownst to anyone there is a skeleton in an HEV suit with a taco behind the large container in the second image.