Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


Wonderful touch up!
The shiny vents now give more atmosphere to the area.


Nice polishing.


Better :3


Thankies, guys.
I posted this elsewhere so I’ll throw it here in case someone might be interested, but here’s another screenshot of the same area around this time last year.


Quite an improvement allright. Black Mesa (including Hazard Course) is just as immersive as Half-Life ever was.


Quite a significant improvement, especially in the 2 images. The lightning is much better and the room no longer feels so empty.


That’s quite the impressive transformation! I can’t help but think of the old BM developers’ adage- “When in doubt, add more pipes.”


Hahaha, yepyep, while most of the course (and Black Mesa, really) has pipes this room is definitely one of the most reliant on them. I feel all the chrome gives the room a unique, cleaner feeling, personally, so I went all out with it. This room also breaks my usual rule of avoiding super cubic/simple shape design, and is damned colorful, now. I was okay with it before, but now I’m very proud of it. ^~^


Definitely better.

And with this new version, I have new places to reach with the long jump module ^^

See the ladder



any news or updates on steam workshop release :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, no. We’re still waiting on full custom content support in the steam version, as otherwise much of the course won’t work as intended.


custom content like ??


Like pretty much the entire Hazard Course. Dialogue, choreography, scripts, face presets, and so on.


Basically everything that makes the course tick.
We could technically remove it all, but we’d have to re-work the level progression logic, and even then you’d just be running around a bunch of empty rooms with no instruction.


Any news ?


Situation hasn’t change :confused:


Hazard Course Chapter will be released on workshop ? or on next update ? but what about Uplink ?


We can’t release on Steam right now due to the reasons 4 posts above your first one. It’s out of our control.
We’ll let you guys know when there’s news.


Ah, one of the many glorious casualties of SteamPipe. :frowning:


I am highly unskilled in how this all works, but wouldn’t packing it all to a vpk with the recently updated tool contain all that choreography and whatnot? I thought the point of vpk’s is that they contained everything in one place for the game to reference.

Again, I know nothing, and have no doubt that it is not that simple. I should probably delete this post.