Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)


My god, that’s just a perfectly wonderful term! I work in the same building as a bunch of tech start-ups the university is backing (we run one of those ‘business incubator’ things), and I have no idea why I didn’t think of that before.



I’ll sacrifice any and all remaining dick length to get new Half-Life content released.


It was Google translator


I´m curious about what kind of improvements you guys are planning for HC´s Steam version? Or is all that still top-secret information?


Not really “top secret” per se, but we don’t want to overhype people for what will be a relatively minor update.
Mostly just implementing the Steam BM improvements like god rays and adding some retail models, in addition to bugfixes.
Still a ways off though, as we haven’t quite figured out how to get all the content we need to load.


Depends on whether you’re curious about the Steam version specifically, or just the next update in general. An important thing that Jif didn’t mention there is that we’re not specifically working on the Steam version at this point. So while we’re making improvements of varying significance, they’re not necessarily for the Steam version exclusively. There probably isn’t going to be much major difference between the Steam version and free version, but there will be some bigger (and smaller) improvements over the first release in our next update, whether it’s Steam or free.

But that in mind, yeah, we’re not trying to be secretive, we just don’t want anyone expecting a major overhaul or anything. We’ve touched up/remade some textures and models, added brand new models here and there and made environmental improvements of varying significance. While actually not the most extreme example, the coldroom I posted a couple pages ago is one of the more noticeable improvements because it’s major, but a lot of what’s been done is improved but a lot probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out unless they were super familiar with the mod. I made a cool new door that’s used as a major prop in the simulated disaster segmetn, and while our testers liked the improvement, someone who’s only played once or twice probably wouldn’t even notice it was new.

Did anyone notice the doors in Office Complex got an upgrade? Probably not. Is anyone gonna notice we made these ibeams 3D, or this and that catwalk fancier? Also probably not. But that sorta stuff is a lot of what we’re doing because we were mostly (mostly) happy with things in the first release, so there’s primarily just small polish stuff to do. That said, there will definitely be a few things that’ll immediately jump out at you, but it’s mostly small stuff that we think is cool.


It´s actually the picture of a coldroom that made me wonder about this. To my eye, that is actually a big diffence in comparison and is the reason to my curiosity :slight_smile: Also, will you be able to implment Steam- HC in BM´s main menu like it was in the mod version? I´d imagine it´ll be tricky with Workshop.


As a rule of thumb, pretty much anything we do on the Hazard Course isn’t going to be a secret from anyone curious enough to ask. The project started as a community project, after all. But if we don’t release some kind of media statement, it’s because we don’t exactly have anything significant to announce at the moment (or we just haven’t had time to make any kind of announcement). So feel free to ask what you want about the Hazard Course. It’s not like it’s Xen or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your question about the menu, I honestly have no idea. None of us have any idea how the Steam version is going to work at the moment, since it’s still thoroughly broken. We’re pretty much almost completely unable to actually work on it at the moment, let alone think about how you guys will eventually experience it. Heck, workshop currently refuses to even load the Hazard Course when you subscribe to it (the game crashes before the main menu even shows up), so essentially even WE don’t know what the Hazard Course will look like when it finally gets to Steam. I promise we’ll let you know more when we know more.

So for now, we’re pretty much strictly focusing on enhancements that can be backported to a future update for the mod version, just to keep the team busy while the Crowbar Collective figures out how to deal with the smoldering pile of trainwreck that the Hazard Course workshop edition currently is.


If your issue is the game crashing while loading the VPKs, there is a workaround for that. It’s not ideal and we can repair the intended functionality in the future, but it’s how I got OaRU working to get around the issue.

Make sure you’re not using the vpk.exe’s -M functionality (to create multipart VPKs). You need to create multiple VPKs just by dragging and dropping individual directories onto VPK.exe. The idea being, for your mod: one VPK for materials, one for models, one for maps, etc. Then bung all these VPKs into a folder, and point the workshop publishing tool at that folder. The VPK cannot get too big (roughly more than 200mb), or the tool runs out of memory and dies because of reasons we do not understand. If this happens, split the subfolder into multiple parts (materials-1, materials-2, etc). For OaRU, I made a VPK for each subfolder (models, materials, sound, etc), and then a VPK for each individual map.

This works fine, even though it’s a bit of a pain to muck around with. But it will at the very least allow you to load up the maps in the retail version without crashing.


Hey ,can your modeller make a have suit scietist for black mesa deathmatch? I think your suit model is best


Our suit model is super low-detail compared to Black Mesa’s and lacks shader masks (both reason because it’s a hologram), so it would actually look not so great. Plus it’s not really our job, I don’t think any of us care to do that. Can’t stop anyone else from trying though.

Oh, I didn’t know that was a thing you could do, I thought -M was the only option. Well that’s great to know, thankies.


No, the issue is that the game crashes due to a buffer overflow because for some strange reason it attempts to load our changelog (which in and of itself is useless to the engine, so I don’t know why it’s even attempting to read it) into a buffer that’s way too small. I think I reported this bug a while ago. Multi-part VPKs in and of themselves work fine.

Thanks for reminding me about that, though. I forgot that we can still get the Hazard Course to not crash the game by just removing the changelogs from the VPK. However, that doesn’t solve the problem where none of the custom scripts, configuration files, localized strings, choreography, response rules, credits, etc. etc. get loaded (not to mention the eternal problems with logic_playerproxy), so the Course is still ridiculously broken.


I was cleaning out my Dropbox today and I found some old testing videos from Hazard Course Alpha. Thought I would share them.











youtu.be/f9riuoy0f24 <- My personal favorite.


This isn’t nearly all of the testing videos I made while testing this mod, but sadly I think this is all I have left.


With your permission, I might start feeding these onto our facebook page - lots of funny memories there.


Permission granted of course :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot what version of HC I was testing in this video, but I like this bug: youtu.be/a6kB4qeK0Hw


Hello, sir.


Interesting bug indeed.



I really read this with @CornetTheorys voice in my mind… It was very funny.

btw, nice work on HC… I surely hope that your work would be inserted on the BM Xen Update as an extra update.