Hazard Course Remake (AVAILABLE NOW!)

I’m pretty sure that’s not choreography, just setting up scripted sequences with what’s been choreographed.

I have some limited skill (I suppose). Just tell me what you need done and I’ll make an (probably shitty) attempt.

I looked for a few minutes and couldn’t find an instance of the PA saying ‘A’ anywhere. Probably didn’t look hard enough, though.

He meant to Google search ‘Imgur,’ and it can, actually.

Only when saying the time at the beginning of the tram ride (AM), but it sounds awful. Maybe there could be an alternative, use a different voice actor altogether, or change the location of the course?

We could ask Catz for a self-recording of the best possible “A” she can give. :slight_smile:

Hahaha we’ll do that further down along the process though. No need for that stuff yet, it’s pretty low priority for the moment.

I’ve noticed that Lars’s current Holo model uses an unknown material which causes it to shoot concrete dustpuffs if the player so chooses to shoot it. Can that be fixed?


If I had to guess I’d say it could be incorrect material type in the .qc, but I’m not all that experienced with models.

I’m coming at the point where (REDACTED) needs the announcement system.


If you have any concerns about the slightly more confidential features, take it to PMs or email, and log the discussion in the collaborative doc.

Eh, forgot about the doc…

We made the thing for a reason. Make sure you use it.

Make it a habit to always log your activity and intentions in the doc, otherwise the rest of the team will be kept in the dark, or we won’t have a quick reference to goals, changes, updates, or even just the general status of things.

Have you tried asking Catz to do voicework? She’s nice, I think she might say yes :slight_smile:

The only thing I remember is that Catz would give us the old voice files.
Its not really necessary at the moment, but some of us are at the points that we need some voice work.

Uploading some screenshots of the new terminal in within the hour.
EDIT:Wow this is gonna take some time…

Looking forward to it!

Dem updates
Gonna finish the whole thing this weekend.

Cool stuff. Some of the areas are a bit too dark but it’s a great start. :slight_smile:

(psst, log your progress in the doc each day so it’s always updated!)

Looks great!

I like the 4th screenshot

its also the best angle i could find ghehe

The rail goes through the tram :smiley:

That’s okay, because as you can see we invented a new type of monorail system, complete with real life testing. It can bend adjacent matter allowing molecular “penetration,” as we refer to it. Physics can piss off, we do things our way, here in the Black Mesa Hazard Course Team.

oh wow just noticed it after you told it…how emberassing lol :smiley: oh well i did the tram thing after 12 hours so i didnt pay attention
ignoring newton like a boss
eihterway the rail is too small to fit the tram holder and making it biggrr looks ugly
anyone can scale the holders a bit down?