Hazard Course


The Hazard Course project has been restarted. I am now hiring developers to bring the hazard course up to the standards of Black Mesa and help complete the experience of the mod.

At present I’m looking for:

  • Concept Artists
  • Prop Modelers
  • Texture Artists/Skinners

The team as it currently stands is as follows:
Project Lead: Deathmonkey7
Level Designer: Catalyst, sIMson, Wfls
Promo: Adam
Concept Artist: brokenfridgehinge, Deathmonkey7, Tengine
Prop/Environment Modeler: Jeannotvb, Nocturne
Website Admin: Cameron D

Once Black Mesa is closer to release there will be some more jobs opening up.

If you would like to apply for one or more of these jobs please send your application to [email protected]. Please list any previous experience you have as well as samples of your work. Samples can include images, videos, or any files viewable with common applications. (Maximum attachment size of 25MB)

Thankfully, this project won’t require the amount of man-hours that Black Mesa does, since we will be fortunate enough to have access to the resources used in Black Mesa once it is released. But that doesn’t mean that any less dedication will be present in the development of this “expansion”. I fully expect there to be a seamless transition between this project and the mod itself, and it will not be released until that goal is met.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in this thread. Just understand that this is pretty early and nothing has been fully decided yet. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want but anything is subject to change at this point.


How far into the project did your team get previously? I remember seeing some screen-shots, but I didn’t pay that close of attention to it.


Now i don’t have computer, so i cant do any concept, i will write you when i repair my pc.


Originally it wasn’t my team. The first time around it was lead by ChrisP. Unfortunately Chris had other obligations and the project fell apart. The last attempt was a mess due to the lack of any sort of workflow structure or direction. We only got as far as concepts and a couple of starts at very rough orange mapping. (I’m talking Half-Life 1 quality here)

I look forward to your application! :slight_smile:


“hiring” ?


I just applied as prop modeler. My e-mail is named "[email protected]".


I applied as the very best like no-one ever was. I always wanted to.


why not wait until black mesa is released? it will be made as a map addon for BM either way


I’m willing to help out with environment modeling and texturing (man-made game assets), how’s pre-production going, is there any documentation available?


I’ll be a tester. :retard:

Really though, I will.

I’m not some dick who leaks pictures and what not.


That’s good because i hate asshole’s that only test games so that they can leak pics.


I’m sorry, we’re not hiring any pokémon trainers at this time. :frowning:

Thanks! I’ll be checking it out.

I figure it would be nice to get a head start, this way there is less of a wait when Black Mesa is finally released. There is still plenty of work that can be done beforehand, such as orange-mapping out the entire map, getting some of the modeling down, and finishing the concepts.

My priority right now being concepts.

I would love to have you on-board if you’re willing, I’ve seen your work and it’s pretty damned amazing. I’ve got all of my ideas typed out into a word document which will be made available to any team members. I have a very clear idea of what the finished product will look like. Though I’m looking for input from my team as well once it’s together.

Lol, I would hire you but it’s a little early for testers :wink:


I’d like to apply for a mapper, I’m sending you some screens of my CS 1.6 map remakes for CSPromod. Please check your mail box in about 5 minutes :slight_smile:
EDIT: my e-mail address is: [email protected]


I can draw some concept on paper now and edit them with photoshopt when my pc is ready to work.


Would you happen to have any examples of your work anywhere on the internet?


Hazard Team is a Source engine based remake of “Half Life: Decay,” right?


ho i remember i was a part of the old (team), … ill se if i find anithing , but dont count on me for now , i am to busy , perhaps ill report later,



I found a lot of the things you posted here on these forums. It’s really impressive stuff.

I only have 2 applications so far. I desperately need a good concept artist. Anyone willing to apply?


Later, first i have complete decay.


I could act as a temporary, sub-par concept artist until you find someone better :3