Hazard Course


I misread your original post , I apologise. You have to remember that each team has their own vision and interpretation of what Black Mesa and its inhabitants should look and feel like. If the BM devs gave permission for Tripwire to use their assets in OBM and GD then I wouldn’t have any problems with it. If they just waited until BM released and essentially stole their assets to cut corners on their own mod, then that would probably piss alot of people off.

Also, how much consistency are you expecting? Should all the enemies be the same models across all 3 games? Should they all use the same weapon models and sounds? Looking at GD and OBM now, I’d say they already look pretty consistent with BM, like they’re all one cohesive facility. It seems like they have their own direction for the expansions, and they might not want to compromise on their artistic integrity for the sake of using another teams assets.


Well said, moving on…

My installed copy of 3ds Max got corrupted, will have to reinstall once I get my new PC in a few days.
I can still map though.

Also, at the Gina model, I really suck at Character Modelling, props is what I can do.


I see it the opposite way. I don’t think that Tripmine Studios should compromise their project goal for ideals that aren’t even relevant for this situation. “If they just waited until BM released and essentially stole their assets to cut corners on their own mod”? How is this not comparable to Black Mesa using Valve’s Source Engine and Valve’s Half-Life story? Black Mesa is itself a mod, but I hardly see why this should make it immune to modding; if anything being a mod should prevent it from being immune to modding because that would be completely hypocritical. Yes, Black Mesa itself doesn’t reuse any Valve assets, but it’s part of a community of excellent Half-Life mods that do reuse Valve assets, which Valve doesn’t shut down or mind. (Take Minerva, for example, which I’m fairly certain reuses Half-Life 2’s NPCs.) I think it might even be safe to say that without the Half-Life modding community, Black Mesa wouldn’t have been viable. Black Mesa’s goal is to be an original reimagining of Half-Life, so it makes sense for BM to not reuse anybody’s assets. But, though OBM and GD aim to be original reimaginings of Op4 and BS, they also aim to tie into Black Mesa, AFAIK, so it makes perfect sense for them to reuse BM’s assets.


Like I said, I’m fine with the idea of BM sharing assets with TS only if they’re comfortable with it. Tripmine Studios formed after the OBM and GD teams merged to share their own assets and ideas, although they are still working separately on both projects. They have their own internal consistency. The problem I see with this idea is the BM assets may clash with their own existing ones. GD and OBM both have their own version of the Houndeye, for example. So they should just turf both of them and replace it with the BM one?
I think TS are a capable team and probably wouldn’t even want to use BM’s work. They’re too far in and too established to start throwing out their own hard work.
Anway, you can argue your point all you like, but I can’t see it happening.


So long as it’s not offputtingly different, I’ll be okay. Like, if in Black Mesa, the Lambda Core is purple and covered in spikes and in Operation: Black Mesa the Lambda Core looks similar to how it did in HL1, I’ll be disappointed.


I’m on for some concept art.


Hazard course you say, eh?


Looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

Wonder if it’ll come out before or after Xen?


Probably before, assuming it’ll be at least a few months before Xen’s release. When will this be rebooted?


We have to find members that are willing to pick up where we left off last time. I’m sure there will be enough interest from the community once BM is out. Also, I’ve just read a whole bunch of deleted posts, It only took nearly a whole page of debating to get our point across, haha.


I would volunteer some time to contribute but I probably will end up with too much schoolwork to distract me.

Good luck to the project. :slight_smile:


Wait, I was happy for the argument to be over, but isn’t it kind of stirring shit up to claim that you won after deleting the relevant posts? Can’t we just pretend it didn’t happen? Isn’t that the point of deleting posts? Wouldn’t a moderator know that?


Simple answer: No

We will not use any assets, nor any geometry from any map in Black Mesa. That is not only stealing, but is completely against our own project goal.
Although I have never personally had any real contact with anyone from Black Mesa, I have an immense amount of respect for their team and their work, so I would personally ensure no content was used without permission.

People tend to forget that we are also a collection of people who are making our own content with the intent of using it as a portfolio item for applying in the industry.

If members of Black Mesa would like to apply to join our team, then we will be more than happy to have them. But that is all strictly on an individual basis.
If a member of Black Mesa would like to donate their own work to us, without officially joining our team, then we would accept it if it meets our standards (which im sure it would), and if no one on our team was already working on it. Credit would of course be given for said content.

But on topic…

I’m pretty excited to see what people are gonna be able to do with the hazard course.

We at Tripmine are currently working on the hazard course as well, but its in very early stages, so it’s pretty much all fair game right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m aware of that, and I’m okay with that. :slight_smile:

That should be the end of that discussion.


Okay, you’ve heard it from the project lead himself, so that’s settled then. And Keresh deleted the posts, not me. I let this topic get out of hand and that was wrong of me. Bad moderator! Bad fridge!

[COLOR=‘Magenta’]back on topic guys!


I’d love to help with the closed captioning (and possible translation), if needed.


For about 3 seconds I had the idea to say I could take a crack at textures, but then the important obvious bit hit me like a slippery fish.


I might be willing to fire up the ‘ol SDK again. For old times’ sake.


Shoot, if teams can come together to recreate Half Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, AND Decay, I don’t see how a small portion of the BlackMesa Research Facility such as the Hazard Course would be much of a problem getting started. I’m all for seeing this come to fruition. Good luck guys!


Someone should get some sort of shared assets initiative going.

As much as the other games also look awesome, it would be pretty cool if everything looked and performed more or less consistently.

Probably not going to happen though… I’m sure the logistical problems would be a nightmare… :frowning: