Hazard Course


I’d help with the concept, but I don’t really think my vision of black mesa would comply with the rest of the game. Not to say that it couldn’t.
I can definitely force my work to not look ridiculous.

You just want to have a BM-styled layout of the original hazard course, right?
You’d probably want to get someone that rules at architecture.

Not just the aesthetics, but the way it factors into gameplay experience.


I was involved in the project before it died, but I am still very interested in helping out. I can do concept art, and some 3D modelling/unwrapping/texturing stuff, but I imagine that it will use a large number of BM’s assets, with some custom stuff required. I would be interested in learning the pipeline from getting a model in Maya and exporting it to be used within Source. Here’s a concept I did for the HEV room, that you might remember:

It’s not great artwork, but I think I am pretty good at communicating my ideas and am open to constructive criticism. Please check out my DeviantArt profile for some more of my work:

It would be great if we could get ChrisP and some of the other’s back on board, we had some good ideas going. So yeah, sign me up! (again :stuck_out_tongue: )


Do you remember your login info on the site? Your account has been reactivated. If you don’t remember I can assign you a new password.

EDIT: Errr… at least it will be when the site stops being a dick.


Do you mean the site we had running before? Can you give me the link to it? I’m afraid I don’t remember my password since it’s been quite a while, sorry.


The server is having a bit of a hiccup right now, though.


Oh, never mind, I can still login. Looks like I saved my password in my browser while it was still running.


Oops >>
Your password is changed now. I sent you a PM.


No problems. Here is the original project thread as a sake of reference:

Quoting Rabidmonkey’s post from the old thread:

“I would have to agree with that post, makeshift is really the name of the game for the hazard course, and many other parts of Black Mesa; in the original HC for example you’re jumping through what looks like disused rocket hulls, and the firing range is just a storage room with crates and stuff to hide targets behind. I would push the makeshift aspect of the level; I think it would make it much more interesting than just some sort of derelict facility that happens to be perfectly suited towards teaching people how to use weapons and the HEV suit.”


So you are trying remake training level right?



This is exactly as I feel a remake of hazard course should be designed. I already have several ideas for some of the training rooms.


Cant wait for this :stuck_out_tongue:
Questions, is this addition to BM or it is standalone ?
And is there Decay remake ?


insert a b-story about some silly shit going on in black mesa so its not like totally boring and a waste of time


I’d appreciate if someone could send me some .vmf files of previous Hazard Course map attempts, would be easier for me to start working on the maps. Oh and it would be good if all people who previously attempted to create the Hazard Course could unite with us, it would really help this project.


:facepalm: Really? You can’t be bothered to read through TWO pages?


They’re idiots, just ignore them.
It would be great to get this guy on board as a mapper again:



I recently joined an indie team so I might be a little short on time. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could draw concept art of models that have to be made, and if someone else could do the actual texturing. I can do the modeling, unwrapping and normal/ao baking myself.


Does that mean you’ll join us? :slight_smile:


Yea I’ll help out. It’s just that I have yet to receive assignments from another project so I don’t know how much time I can spend on this.


Unfortunately nobody has applied for concept art yet. But I’ll get some concepts to you ASAP

Would you mind signing up on the project website and I’ll get you the permissions?


I’m having problems connecting to it.