Hazard Course


The server is having “issues” at the moment. Sometimes it works for a while, then refuses to load anything. Must be having a bad day.


Yeah, it’s being a real bitch lately. I’ll have to contact Cameron and see what’s up. It works, but you have to refresh a lot.


Anyway, looks like this project has gained a lot of interest, great to see :slight_smile:


Deathmonkey7, you have facebook or skype?


I don’t have skype. I do have a facebook, but I’d really rather not use it for anything but personal friends. I have Steam, AIM, E-mail, and of course this website and the hazard course site forums if you wish to get ahold of me.


Oh and it would be nice if you could appear on steam :smiley:


Assuming you didn’t see my first post, i’ll reiterate that i’d like to put myself forward for the concept art position.

The only problem i have is given that only over the past few months have i really started to get into computer art (learning to use photoshop efficiently, techniques), i feel it won’t be up to the standards you’re looking for. I’m also very light on examples as it’s mostly just practicing said techniques.

What i am confident of is my ability to read about other peoples ideas and see how they compare to my own :wink:

So would you be interested in perhaps giving me a trial? I think it’d be nice to get some experience working on a team like this before i start a game design course in september.


I’m at work right now until midnight so I’m afraid I can’t until I’m off.

Edit: :ninja:
Do you have any examples of any of your work? I’d like to see if you do, please.


PM’d you.

Also i think it’s worth mentioning that i have some experience in the mapping department as well but again my skills might be lacking


I could remake it in EP2 just like the guy in that youtube link, but it will have to be HL2 themed due to the models and textures.


We’re orange mapping until Black Mesa is released. I think I found some screenshots of some of your work. But just in case could send me a couple?


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That’s quite nice. Was it created for anything?


yes, its Gina Cross , and it was created for the hazzard cource


Sweet, now we just have to wait to see the final HEV suit design of Black Mesa and we’ll have a Gina Cross. Well… then skin her, rig her, and animate her.




For the hologram, I remember we had some concepts for the stationary emitter, but then we had the issue of designing the emitters for when the hologram is running or demonstrating something.


Actually I think I made the concepts for those. I had one that runs on a rail for when she’s moving about the course. Those are on my other computer though and I can’t get to them because it needs a new power supply and the hard drive is SATA.

Edit: Site appears to be fixed. I encourage everyone on the team thus far to move discussion and ideas to the forum there.


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Looking forward to seeing this!