Hazard Course


Good to see some actual progress on this site as far as a fan addon goes.


You get my email message?


Gina’s head look wonderful. Does anyone have any level concepts except for the already posted HEV Suit room?


I posted up a quick concept I did for the firing range on the project forums, check it out.


I got long jumping sector concept00


Alright I finally managed to create an account. Acc. name = Jeannotvb


OK nice, I’ll try to think of something more after I’m done with exams at my uni.


I did read through two pages. In fact, now four. Sorry I got it wrong, it was an honest misunderstanding.


You have been given permissions.


You didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: My facepalm was directed at Dotard for asking if there was a remake of Decay, after you’d already mentioned the name of it! Anyway, back to topic…

I do still play through the hazard course for a bit of nostalgic value now and then, so I’d definitely want to play a Source remake of it. My only gripe is waiting for BM to be released. The hazard course was so short you could probably get it out within 6 months or so. I’m not confident BM will be released before then!


To everyone having issues with the site: all server issues have been fixed. No more of those damned cloudflare error pages. Please read the news on the site posted by Cameron and contribute in the the forum.


Yay! Did you say you had some concepts in mind for certain rooms? Also we need to work out how we’re going to come up with concepts for each room, either by going through it methodically or just brainstorming up some new designs and improvements for the general course.


Generally the training course rooms will remain largely the same in terms of gameplay. Exceptions being the HEV suit room and possibly the environmental hazards room. The major differences in the hazard course will be aesthetic only. I.E. Rooms are to make sense now and perhaps be expanded in scale and intricacy if it makes sense in the case of each room. A brainstorming session is in order, but not here.


Speaking of Hazard Courses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbnxqKCADYA&feature=related


Well that was… creepy.


Are the contents of the forum supposed to be hidden?


Are they visible to you?


You need an account there that has been given access to view them



All right, I understand, I was just curious :slight_smile:


just noticed that the forum ate my last post

I don’t have any vmf’s or bsp’s left but I made a few maps back in 07-08. Was working for a mod called the 7th hour, but it died. :frowning: You could ask intooblivion for screens, also I think my youtube upload “my house in hammer” links to a photobucket album of a more recent version of my first map.