Hazard Course


What if I want to see these concepts and the progress made so far without being involved with the project :frowning:


hello people, I was looking videos at Youtube and found an interesting video of a developer trying to recreate the Hazard Cource, and I want to share it with all of you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUZh5zB9cAQ&feature=related


Laird posted that video in the first hazard course thread. I think he may have even been involved to a point. But now he’s on a mod team, or else I would ask him to join.

Don’t worry, we will be updating plenty as we go along. Patience is a virtue! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can i have permission to use hc page, becouse all i can see is only white screen.


First post updated with current team.
I’m still hiring for all positions! Please contact me with your applications at [email protected]!


I remember this. I did a load of sketches illustrating a possible take on the Hazard Course to about the half-way point - it followed the same basic journey as the original but only very roughly. In the same way as BM, it made parts more logical. Don’t know if they’d be any use?

Last time round no one seemed to agree on what direction to take - whether a purist 1:1 recreation or a new course entirely. I’d say this though - whatever you decide on, just map it quickly. It doesn’t have to be good, but it’s a huge psychological leap to have it there, and then you can nitpick and add to your hearts content.

Out of interest though, is there any consensus as to what direction you are taking with it?


You should join the team, Floyd. I remember you had some good ideas from the original attempt. I think this group will be more successful, since we are more on the same page with the direction we want to take, and don’t have any purist assholes like that m4rek guy.
As for the direction we want to take, I’ll copy paste a post from our forums, from Deathmonkey:

[i]The original hazard course was basically a nonsensical collection of rooms built to train the player. In recreating the hazard course I wish to change this.

In keeping with the spirit of the Black Mesa mod, our hazard course will be re-imagined to make more sense than its Half-Life counterpart. Our hazard course will be a sort of retro-fitted obstacle course. It wasn’t built to be aesthetically pleasing, nor was it built with a large budget. It was built into an old and abandoned section of the facility. Rooms that were once built for the purposes of a rocket testing facility are now cleared out (mostly) and quickly converted.
Common themes include: Wires hanging from ceilings, hanging lights, old signs, complex networks of metal pipes, concrete walls - some cracking, rusty steel catwalks, old machinery, and obstacles thrown together as cheaply and quickly as possible.[/i]


Someone sent me a message on YouTube saying you guys had started up again, just read through the thread and sounds like you guys want me on board; I’ve just finished uni and not really working on Ivan’s Secrets anymore, as most of the modelling stuff is done.

For the people saying about me mapping, I don’t think I’m really the guy for that, haven’t mapped in years and I was never really very good at it, not to the standard of Black Mesa at least!

However, I can help out with modelling and texturing, unwrapping and all that stuff, you can check out my more recent work here


Let me know if you want me :slight_smile:


I would love to have you on board, Tom, if you don’t mind. And, if you can still map at the level you did for your hazard course I would like you on as a mapper as well. Remember that Black Mesa owes its quality not to any single mapper, but several that make passes at the level adding their own qualities with each pass. However, if you do not wish to map, I would love to have you on as a prop modeler/skinner.
Your old account has been given permissions, so drop by if you want. But please let me know which jobs you would prefer.


Really impressive stuff, I’m sure Deathmonkey will gladly accept you onto the team.

edit: ninja’d by the man himself. :stuck_out_tongue:


still a sweet idea btw


We don’t need a realistic Hazard Course, if it was realistic it’d be like this:

SETTING: Ya know, that parts where gordon has to walk by explosives and fire.


–Gordon shoves holgraph’s face in acid—


–Gordon rapes her—


–The holograph remains in idle position–

:freeman: I don’t think that the HC needs a realistic approach


Umm… yeah… maybe not THAT realistic, sauce.

Wait, that gives me an idea for a sweet mini-game. Rape the hologram! :retard:


If you need someone to test the course I’ll be happy to volunteer. I’ve tested for Altered Transmission, The Battle of Philadelphia, and Zentech.

I also map, as I’m currently working on my own stealth based HL2 mod called “Five.”

This is the devblog for the mod which is currently a work in progress. Generally I’ve liked doing interiors more than exterior maps, which is one of the reasons that Five is a huge challenge for me because it relies extensively on exteriors, with lots of open space and optimization hurdles. (On the devblog is screenshots of some of my work, both from scratch and building within the architecture of others (the city screens were me modifying a map from Nicademias, for example). Concept art is also present in the archives, but admittedly, art isn’t my strong suit.

At any rate, I volunteer to assist in whatever capacity the team deems appropriate.


penis goes through hologram
Gordon: Aw man , I thought I was getting laid


I think we need one female who could be voice actor.


Maybe we already do? :3

Front page updated with new members.

Still need applications for all positions. Especially TEXTURE ARTISTS!


I’m a texture artist. I also animate.
I’m working on the mod Operation Lambda but I’m sure I can find some free time for this project.

All of my texture work is on our server so I gotta go dig around there to find some previous work.

Heres a recent animation I did.
It can still use a bit of tweaking and I didn’t spend much time weighting the rig. There are more videos of animation on my channel.

I have experience with the Source Engine. Compiling textures and writing .vmt files, compiling models and map creation I also understand the file structure the engine uses quite well.

I’ll post some textures when I find them.


Those animations aren’t half bad. We may need your skill in that field a bit later on. I would like to see your textures, though for now.


I’m very interested in Black Mesa. It looks amazing and very well done. I would love to help! :slight_smile: