Hazard Course


What skills do you have?

Also, it should be noted this isn’t an official Black Mesa project. We’re independent from the mod team.


Catz has said before that she’d be willing to do the voice. She’d be perfect



Now here’s a shit ton of textures. Some of them are WIP’s.



Recreation of old GoldSrc texture:

Generic Door:

Generic Door Ingame:

Mansion Wall: (Very WIP)

Out of order sign: (Could use more work)

Rubber Tile: (wtf?)

Another recreation of old GoldSrc texture:


A crate:

I also forgot to mention that I do know how to unwrap and pack my uv’s.
I also know the basics of baking high-res models onto low-res models as well as generating AO maps and so on.


Might just be my net, but none of those links work for me…


Those textures are okay, but not really what I’m looking for. I may keep your contact info and get ahold of you later in regards to animations though.


Is it my style or are they just not good enough?

Those textures are just previous work I’ve done… You could give me an assignment in case it’s my style you don’t like.

Anyways I’ll be happy to help out with animations at a later stage.



What will we need custom textures for, besides some of our own props? I’m sure BM will have an extensive range of textures that we can use anyway.


Besides our own props we’ll need custom decals. Mostly signs, but we may need the odd environment texture as well.


That would be awesome, it would complete the link between this mod and Black mesa nicely.

What I was thinking is that it would be cool if this actually got finished, and in a post-release update to black mesa got merged with it… But I honestly don’t know how much work that would be, and it’s still super cool of you guys to be making this! I wish you all the best of luck!


It wouldnt be much work at all, consdering it’ll use 90% Black Mesa assets.

And thanks! :slight_smile:


If you get this done before BM, it’d be a nice little ‘teaser’ for all those thinking BM is dead, even if this is an independant project.


It will not be completed before BM. Sorry. :frowning:


So there’s basically just concept art, voice acting and orange mapping that you can accomplish before BM is released?


And custom props, yes.


Hey you never know man…unless you secretly know the internal release date to BM… :trollface:


Oh how I wish I were that lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


First page updated with current team. I’m no longer looking for level designers but I’m still looking for members in the other 3 fields. Thanks for the applications!


If I didn’t mention it already, I can unwrap and texture my own models. Including normal map and ambient occlusion baking. Working with a texture artist would save some time though.


Don’t worry. I’m working on something for you, Jeannot


Is it too late to apply for a job as tester?