Hazard Course


you have to send me a pm with your credit card details and I’ll let you become a tester.


There is no such ‘job’ as tester. Sorry. It will be tested a bit within the team but there’s no real reason to have testing for this project.


Speaking of which, what news have you, if any on this humblesome project? Is there a Moddb page, what progress has been made?


I hate to be a bummer, but it looks like it’s dead, again, no real activity in the last month or 2. However I made this:

For the hologram emitter, which is a remake of the one I did last time before the project died, and pretty much as soon as I did it, everyone just dropped off the radar. Pretty sick of it tbh, 2nd time it’s happened and I just can’t be bothered, if it’s not going to be taken seriously then I’m off…


I suggest you join some active team then. Like guard duty.


Goddammit… I was really looking forward to this. ffs please tell me it isn’t true.


I think it was doomed from the moment it (re)started. There was no pre-planning or brainstorming at all, everyone just dived in at the deep end before i felt we’d even gotten any concrete idea’s down, and in the end i quit because besides being consumed by a single idea for the setting i just felt my idea’s were - in some cases - falling on deaf ears.


Yup, even for a small community project like this it requires a fair bit of coordination and teamwork. I don’t want to see it go under the radar for another 6 months like the last time, and I’d still be willing to help if we found a better way of planning and getting shit done.


It did seem a little uncoordinated. As I review these pages it’s just kinda like,

“Alright we’re doing this!! Volunteers?”


                                                                                     "PICK. ME!"

“Alright! You, you and you are doing this with me. We’re gonna do this shizz…”

-two months later-

“Can I beta test?”

-2 more months later-
“So, what’s going in this Hazard Course mod?”
-no answer-

And now you’re caught up!


lol, well we weren’t discussing things on this board, we have another board for that, so you don’t actually know what we did, which was a fair amount of research and a lot of discussion, even got a few parts orange mapped and that model I did, but it’s just stopped…

What you see on here is not all we did lol


Seemed like it. But it obviously wasn’t enough to keep it going, (unless it is in secret or something)


lol, are you having a go at me?


That’s just how he is with everyone.


Consider yourself ‘gone-at’.








You would know wouldn’t you? We’ve been close friends for years apparently.


Exhibit A.


Well for fucks sake, Tom takes something I said the wrong way and immediately this thread gets derailed.