Hazard Course


In all truthfulness I probably haven’t been as dedicated as I should be lately. It’s unfortunate but I’ve been worked like a dog. I’m not giving up on it, but in all honesty we probably need someone more capable of leading. So, for now I’m gonna just call this an unofficial media release. Maybe someone will take interest and wish to take over. No matter what happens I want to stay with the project and continue at least as a concept artist. All in all I’m extremely proud of what’s been accomplished so far.

Holographic Emitter concept art by me.

The following were created by Catalyst.

The following were created by Wfls


Not bad! Any ideas on the electric water area? Admittedly, the actual sparks would probably wind up being particle systems taken from BM when it’s released, but I’m pretty sure a detail pass on that area is pretty doable.


So what now?


We cross our fingers, and wait.


I have photoshop so I could help with concept but due to my schedule you will need someone else to


I can map (design levels) if you need any more people to help, seems like you are OK though.


I’m glad you’ve decided to resume progress on this Deathmonkey! I hope you have the time I didn’t to see this project through to completion :slight_smile:


Don’t mind me just going to necro an old thread, but I don’t think we should make another thread considering it’s still technically the same project. But on to the point:

The whole team just kind of dissipated a long time ago, around mid to late 2011. Since then, the project has been in a sort of suspended animation, and (as far as I know) I’m the only one still working on it (very slowly). But the project is anything but dead as of now. I plan on picking up work in the following months, and in the nearly year-long silence I have made quite a bit of progress, and will dump screens.

But in any case, consider the project alive and well, for having a one-man team at the moment.


Sadly its true, I think the project might be dead. I would love to get back working on it, and Catalyst you are doing an amazing job.

Might as well show you the work I’ve done, haven’t touched it for a long time but would love to get back working on it.


Don’t worry guys, I have made the hazard course myself. I made it out of mashed potato and used baked beans to represent Gordon Freeman. It was awesome.


Catalyst you’re awesome. I was thinking about this project the other day and was disappointed at how it had fallen apart, not once but twice. Good to see things are still happening even if it’s just you plugging away at it.


I’m also looking forward to this, and I’d even offer you my help in level design, but I guess there are already enough people who are occupied with that part. I also don’t have that much experience in Hammer Editor, it’s only pure level design I have made so far. For now there two maps for Counter-Strike: Source I made:



It’s just an offer in case you are in very need of help regarding level design.


As far as I know, the guard duty team plans to integrate the hazard course as well as Half Life: Uplink. Both will be an extra feature, which can be seperatly activated in the menu.

So I guess, it does not really make sens to spent so much of your time in this project…
Otherwise, Mr. sugar said a few days ago, that guard duty needs two more years to get finshed.

Great work so far!


I don’t think they’re doing Hazard Course, though I could be wrong. I know they’re doing Uplink.


I´m not sure, but Ratboy601 (I guess he is a dev of gd) posted this on moddb:

you can find his post on the 2nd comment page


Where the did you get that number?
I know for a fact its going to take longer than two years to finish.


So does this mean there is no need for a BM Hazard Course?


I would love to help by prop modelling. Small and medium sized props.
Some of my stuff I’ve done lately.


After a couple months of silence, I’m proud to announce I’m working with Tripmine studios on Guard Duty and that as of today, this iteration of the Hazard Course will be included with it. Unfortunately though, this means I can’t post media updates as often anymore (if at all). But being able to use the custom assets and working with their team is a huge advantage.

Although I feel like this move makes the project irrelevant to the thread and to the BMS community, I felt the need to inform you guys that this isn’t going to be one of those projects to die.

I would like to keep you guys updated on this, but I don’t know how that would work out. If anybody wanted to follow this project, your best bet would probably be to track Guard Duty on Moddb.


Hello again! The imminent release of BM made me remember this twice abandoned project. I for one still think it should be finished and released as a community map once we have access to the BM assets. Who wants to finish this thing??!