Hazard Course


I would play the heck out of this! I love the Hazard Course :smiley:


I wonder how many will start remaking classic half-life maps to Black Mesa using the new resources. I’d like to see Hazard Course and SvenCoop maps remade using the available assets.


I found a way to access the old site, including the forums. Looks like it’s archived 3 seperate dates:


not sure how relevant this old stuff will be now, but just useful for reference.


I’m not exactly the best mapper, but I’d be willing to take a shot at it. If not this unofficial official remake I might just do a close-to-original take on my own, sometime.


I guess the models that are needed in the Hazard Course would be somewhere in Black Mesa too. I can still model the ones that are needed (If there are any).
So I’m also going to give a shot at mapping.


I think the only unique model would be the Gina model.

Also, you would need to wait for the second release of BM for them to implement the longjump module


The code and model, sounds, blah blah should be already there as it’s used in Lambda Core.


I’m sure there will be a few custom models which will need to be made, there’s already the holograph emitter which was created by TomLaird:

But most of the props should be covered by the BM asset library.


Sounds like it’ll mostly be a mapping and voice acting job.


Have the devs said you won’t get it until Xen? I would imagine Gordon would still get it in Lambda if not.


Several things.

First, I’m glad that this is alive! :slight_smile:

Second, is Tripmine Studios going to update their games in general to use assets from Black Mesa, since it’s coming out soon, and Xen is also coming out in a reasonable time frame?

Third, I like the idea the guy had a few pages back about having some kind of subplot in the background about something relatively minor happening at Black Mesa. It’d definitely increase how “worth it” it is to play.

Fourth, to avoid the end being so abrupt, and to teach the player some more valuable skills, do you think you could have the rail training segment go a little longer and teach the player how to change the rail’s direction? (Assuming that feature is in Black Mesa, of course!) It should also lead to some kind of more effortful congratulations room, to serve as a legitimate end for the mod.


Isn’t that kind of cheap for Tripmine to go and use BM’s assets in their mod?


From what I heard from Raminator, it sounds like you get the long jump module in generally the same place as HL (in the Lambda Core chapter), but it sounds like it won’t have any functionality until you get to Xen.

Maybe they’ve rationalized it with a line or three from the scientist(s). “This is the Long Jump Module. In the reduced gravity of the borderworld, you can use it to jump farther than you would otherwise be able.” or something like that.

Or maybe I’m just reading Ram’s post incorrectly. I dunno! I can’t wait to see what they’ve done. :slight_smile:


No, it’s consistency. People like consistency, right? Isn’t it an ideal to aim for? I mean, I’m all for not cutting corners, but if you want the mod to flow properly with BM, it seems like you should use the same assets. (IE, the robot in O:BM should be the same as the robot in the first chapter of BM; Xen should look the same in BMX, O:BM, and GD; health and charging stations should look the same, the same visual cues should be used to inform you that a button is pressable, and so on.)


That’s not what I meant, I’m saying it seems lazy for another team to essentially take all the hard work done by the BM devs and just place it in their own mod. You can still stay consistent within your projects own artistic direction, but using another mods assets instead of creating their own is just flat out wrong.


The same could be said for music, TV shows, stories…anything really. Not trying to troll or anything, and I’m sorry if I offend you fridge.


I thought the intention of the mod was to be played alongside Black Mesa? Shouldn’t it match up with Black Mesa, then? A large part of the appeal of the original expansions was that it obviously was the same setting as Half-Life, even if it wasn’t the same story. It just seems stubborn to avoid that intergame consistency intentionally.


If it were a commercial product and you were redistributing someone else’s assets, there’s this little thing called copyright infringement and a nice big lawsuit to follow. This doesn’t really apply to BM, since it’s a free game. There’s nothing really stopping other teams from using BM’s content in their own mods, but personally I think it’s a pretty low thing to do.

Are you a dev from Tripmine studios? Because this is the first I’ve heard that they were going to be using BM assets.


No, I’m not a dev from Tripmine studios. I’m suggesting what I think Tripmine studios should do, and what I’m worried they won’t do. And how is it a low thing to do? Yes, I know that Black Mesa prides itself on its art design; that’s what makes it special. But it’s also a remake of Half-Life, and OBM and GD are remakes of BS and Op4 that, as far as I know, are supposed to tie in with Black Mesa in the same way that Blue Shift and Opposing Force tied in with Half-Life, so it only make sense that they should reuse common assets. And you cannot possibly get into intellectual property arguments, because the entirety of the story of Black Mesa was copied from Half-Life, just like the entirety of the story of GD and OBM were copied from BS and Op4. And don’t get into “if it were a commercial product”, because if it was a commercial product, it would get into trouble even if it didn’t reuse assets, as I’m sure the BM team knows, since it applies to their game as well.


Don’t worry fridge, I’m no dev. I barely know how to code in C++ much less how to steal assets I have no access to.