Hazard Team Compile Tool - Hammer Map Compiler Replacement


Actually, placing the affected textures in the hl2 or ep2 section of sfm’s game folder solved the problem with using the SFM v-tools (hl2 or ep2_workshop). Huh. TIL.


Okay I think that’s your problem. The SFM tools almost certainly do not work properly with alternate game configurations, if what you’re telling me is the case.

I would suggest not using SFM’s compile tools, if at all possible, to keep it clean.


Why vbsp make it crash?


Because you broke something.
We’ll need more info to help.


If it crashes, please tell me exactly what the symptoms of the error are, and what you were trying to do at the time of the crash.


How do you get the tool to run the game automatically following compilation?


Why would you want to start the game up on every compile?
Throw this into the console ingame once:
bind “9” “restart”;

Just hit 9 when done compiling.
Then play in fullscreen windowed mode for nice alt-tabbing.


Accidentally stumbled upon this in the Valve dev Wiki.