HD Pack Styled Sleeves

I did a thing.

So basically I wanted to practice my cylindrical modeling and and some other stuff, and here we have the results.

The arms are designed to appear a bit more like the ones found in Gearbox’s HD pack for Half-Life. While totally compatible with MP, they aren’t compatible with other viewmodel mods as far as I’m aware. If they are, someone should tell me how the Hell they managed that. ^^

They don’t appear with the Gauss because I can’t seem to rig them to it without breaking the universe. I’ll hopefully have it fixed by the time I update the pack for the December Update.

You can download here if you’re interested.

Feedback, suggestions, hatred, etc. are all welcome.

no complaints here, the arms are incredibly detailed, especially the paint scratches. the green light reflecting off the arms in the 3rd image looks hella sexy

Nice! Love the detailing.

Nice. Will try them out shortly.

Glad you guys seem to like it. :slight_smile:
I’m considering slapping on the handpack from the original HL model, if you think that’d be cool.

I actually think the original BM ones that are still in the retail version should be updated to a quality like you’ve done here - it looks great!


But the actual version is nice aswell if u look to the details, like the stitching and such

I don´t see any reason why that wouldn´t be cool :slight_smile:

Was never a fan of the HD pack itself, but this is definitely a nice model. Its design is simple, in a good way. Really compliments the research/non-commercial application of the HEV suit. And I’d personally love the handpack on it.

As for other weapon replacements, it’d take decompiling to get these arms on them. Would be nice if the arm models were separate from the weapons/each other, but I imagine the BM viewmodels are like HL2’s, where unused portions of the arms were removed on different weapons. This could make implementing it potentially require reanimation for some weapons, so I’d hesitate to ask the devs to do it.

The crossbow scope not work, I mean when you want to zoom the scope is just a strange and bizarre dark, making the zoom impossible to use.
Other than that, I loved the sleeves, I thought it might be one of the best remodels ever made and I would love you put the handpack of the original HL1.

Oh? Crap, I’ll look into it.

I overall prefer the original models to the HD pack but the arms in it are nice. I do miss that hand thingy though.

And yeah, I already know you can’t circumvent the conflicting viewmodels. Shame.

That’d be perfect, what you’ve done so far is vastly improved from the vanilla model, both in quality and aesthetics. Also, nice tease of Further Data at the top, how’s progress been with that?


I’m amazed you even remembered FD was a thing. It’s going slowly. Mostly focusing on HC (which there is also a tease of :stuck_out_tongue: ), and working on these arms in down time soon because my work for HC is basically done.

Crypt, I have your authorization to make a texture personal skin in your sleeves?

I don’t mind, would like to see it. Even if not, I can’t really stop you. I would prefer you don’t include the model itself, and just link to mine so fixes and whatnot are reciprocal.

What is Further Data? Is it Uplink for BM?

Correct. I think I posted about it a few times in the last couple pages of the Show Off thread. I mostly avoid acknowledging it until it’s finished, but I wanted an interesting map for a screenshot of the sleeves.

Congrats on hitting that first slot on the most popular for the week last three months on the workshop! You earned it.

Whoaho. Thankies.
Jeez, I thought it turned out pretty decent but I didn’t expect so many people to actually like it. Especially considering how basic it is, and all the issues I didn’t catch before releasing. Well, whether I personally believe it’s worthy of the popularity or not, I’m super glad people like it! I was hoping my first Workshop submission wouldn’t be considered total garbage and it seems I’ve actually managed.
Though now I feel especially obligated to fix those issues ASAP, which is sorta hard as I’m strapped for time lately.

straight swag