Headset recommendations?


So my current headset just kinda broke, one of the ears just kinda broke off. So I’m looking for good headset suggestions.
My current headset is a Logitech G430, it has both USB and 3.5mm connection options, but I had a lot of trouble with the USB adapter.

So, does anyone know a similar headset of equal or greater quality, in that $40 price range? Worse comes to worst I’ll just get a new one of these, but I know there has to be better out there.
I’d prefer something similarly built, over-the-ear with cable controls for volume and microphone muting. I don’t need the 7.1 surround sound, considering I never use it anyway (too many issues with out-of-game use), but obviously stereo is a must. I don’t even think non-stereo headsets are made anymore come to think of it. No real preference over USB or 3.5mm either.

I know with all these specifications it seems like I should just get another G430, but honestly, this thing was a pain in the ass when I first got it, and it still can be on occasion. Plus it’s healthy to broaden my headset range, y’know?

EDIT: There’s only a few bucks difference, but I’ve heard that the only difference between the G230 and G430 is the USB surround adapter. If this is true, that could also be an option for me, but I’d like a few second opinions first.


Get a wireless headset.

Nothing better than being able to play music in my apartment late into the night while making food.
And you never drive over any wires with your chair.

I have these both at home and at work:

Quite cheap and good sound. Only negative thing is that the earmuffs can fall off quite easily when not having it on, but they’re easy to add back on.
No microphone on them, so you’d have to use an external mic or get a different version.


Headset has microphone, headphones nada. http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-wireless-gaming-headsets/


I recently acquired the Logitech G933.

They are really good, and the battery last 12 hours when you disable the lights.

It also has a 3.5mm jack, with which you can connect to any device using a cable.
Also it has a Volume wheel, so that’s a plus. KEEP IN MIND THOUGH, the wheel isn’t smooth.
It’s more like a mouse wheel, so instead of climbing 1 by 1, it goes 2 by 2. And the awkward build quality
makes it sit weird, so it actually skips 4 levels.

Every button can be customised. And the USB Bluetooth adapter is stored in the Headset itself.

NOTE: These are not audiophile headphones. These are medium range. The price is mostly for the Bluetooth and RGB.


I highly recommend HyperX Cloud Black. It’s reinforced with an aluminum frame, has braided cable, detachable mic and the quality of sound is fantastic without the need to power it with a dedicated sound card. But $68 may be too much for you.