HECU Zombie Creation


Yes but they don’t self destruct either you have to headshot them or get back from them and blow them up by shooting the satchel :slight_smile:

cool idea yeah I think so


Can we even do this without the source code? The only thing I see in place for randomizing models is the character.manifest and the zombies don’t use that. And then the satchel thing? To make these zombies I think the source code will have to be released. =/


If you create a model based on a zombie called an zombie_grunt as the .fgd says what model to use then yes it will work and can be added into maps… cough just clearing my throat


A zombie with a new skin and animation?


It does need to be a new model but It does not have to have new animations.only a new skin

What I mean is you can re-skin a security guard zombie for instance and you would need to compile a new model with the name zombie_grunt.mdl

so there must be someone who can re-skin a zombie_guard.mdl surely???

It’s basically a photoshop job and a quick decompile and recompile probably can use cannon fodders compile tools for this.

Also again zombie torso’s of scientists / guards and Hecu are possible through decompile the .mdl file and making a skin family option for this model zombie_sci_torso.mdl.

Which would also be a nice addition

skin 0 = Scientist
skin 1 = Guard
skin 2 = Hecu


Wouldn’t it be best to use the grunt model and texture and edit them to be a zombie?


No because the skin needs to wrap on to a zombie mesh and is laid out differently from a marines mesh.

but there is nothing to stop you copying and pasting from the skin of the marines to the skin layout the zombie needs but it may need re-sizing and pulling about etc in photo shop or other image tool and damage drawn on to it.

as far as I can tell there is no skin for a zombie scientist torso so it uses the same textures as the normal zombie scientist which means a family skin group the guard should already be possible and on the creation of a zombie_grunt the hecu variant torso zombie would also be available by creating a skin group for the zombie_sci_torso.mdl within the mdl file via decompiling and re-compiling


i dont.want.to sound like an ass, but you know somuch more then everyone in this thread so why dont you make it yourself?


Because drawing / graphic art is not my strong side… I have a looked into how to do… I am just hoping someone will want to do this that is good at art and does reskinning.

If I did it it would be rubbish :frowning:


Wonder why the need to overcomplicate things?




I am sorry but please can you elaborate on how I am overcomplicating it?

Somone make a new skin :slight_smile: who is good at art unlike me

I will do the rest

Is that uncomplicated enough for you?

or shall I spell it out again

If you are referring to the satchel it would be done outside of the normal model so ignore the satchel idea… That is something else involving a prop_physics / physics_constraint, env_explosion and a invisble func_breakable that I thought I would try once the model got done


nobody wants to hack romka’s PCV to the existing grunts just like nobody wants to hack zombine parts to the existing grunts

t’sa dang shame


I am talking about skinning a zombie_grunt onto a zombie_guard nothing else… I was initially trying to find an easier way around the problem because I am crap at art…

No not Romka… No not Zombine…

Yes Reskin a zombie guard into a zombie_grunt


Welp, can’t say I didn’t try.


It doesn’t look right, but good try none the less.


try the scientist model, remove the light red on the lower parts of the legs change the light red in the front lower part of the pants to dark… try that.


Looking at the scientist model, that’s going to be even worse. We would need a new model made for this to come out decent.


what about the original hl2 zombine, it would have close to what is needed, true the thing would need its own model. but reskining the zombine or zombie from half life 2 should give a good base.


It’s far superior to anything I could do… Did you do copy and pastes from the marines skin on to the SGzombie?

Thanks a lot for trying this

I think the legs look good but the arms are too skinny at the shoulder (the SG arms are not this skinny) and the front chest should keep it’s armour like the security guard but show damage and slime / blood apart from that it’s not far off being there…

Is that a satchel strapped to his leg?

any chance you can do a version 2?