HECU Zombie Creation


It’s a good start.

The headcrab should be more tipped, you should not see the face of the HECU


The head is a another texture and really is no need to edit this… It should be using the default security guard head… Perhaps the hair only needs to be made into a shaved head stubble this is all that is needed in the situation of the headcrab jumping off.


You don’t seem to understand that there’s only so much that can be done withou altering the model


If you understand it better than me… Then please help guide people in the right direction ramirezoid.

I have never done any modelling or skinning in my life… But I do understand that If you can reskin combine into a Hecu Marine…

Then why cannot you skin a Security Guard zombie into a Hecu Zombie…

I would love to know the answer and if you know better then please share the fruits of your knowledge any help would be appreciated


The model geometry is different. The pics I put up is in fact the regular zombie guard with HECU textures. As you can see, the boots are different, the holster is different, the belt is different (although a quick skin can fix that) and I probably shouldn’t have tried to include the backplate. But basically, THAT is the reason a simple reskin wouldn’t quite work.

EDIT: Oh, and JeffMOD brought this up in another thread.


Well then this beats my brain to a pulp… Well it has been said to be possible in the how to use this thread so somone needs to ask if this npc_zombie_grunt is active or not…

How about copy pasting a zombie and renaming it to a zombie_grunt and then put it in hammer if a zombie appears then we know if it works that will put this to bed about if it’s there or not


On the subject of a HECU zombie being officially added to BM:


yeah so only a skin job… The SG zombie is the best fit… unless somone else has a better idea than that of how to do it then be my guest


For me, a new model would be nice because the sg zombie model is not consistent with BM’s hgrunt model starting with that kevlar. The new model can replace the security guard zombie model.


You do know that if you replace the guard zombie model, you see HECUs at i.e office complex while you actually meet them.first at.we got hostiles. chapter.

Eitherway I give it hand to model and animate a HECU zombie next month and experiment with HL2 NPCs to get it into.Black Mesa


can we compile models with 2 skins… Security guard and hecu?


We definitely need a new model for this to work properly.


The HECU zombie would only make sense appearing after or during Surface Tension, as it would help the “HECU is pulling out” feeling that you get (or was suppose to get) from that chapter


Can appear rarely in Apprehension but more common in ST-FaF.


I REALLY liked the idea of the zombine style suicide grenade, as I quite liked the zombine visual (fully equipped solder as a zombie) with the very real threat of being blown to bits, but had the possibility to be lured into killing themselves and possibly other enemies.

Maybe have them fire at you from a distance until out of ammo, then randomly changing to either melee or suicide grenade-maybe only try the grenade when within a certain distance?


:slight_smile: Not too shabby
If one could only fix the head/neck it’d be good enough for now, until something better is figured out.


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I’ve seen mods that give the HECU 2 different skins, I don’t know how they work, just that they exist, so it must be possible somehow.

The only problem with that is Zombie Guards appear before the HECU, which could make the appearance of HECU Zombies anachronistic if the wrong texture is selected early in the game.


Is it possible in doing this by editing character manifest and putting npc_zombie_security and some model data to work just like Joint ops?


Nah, as far as I know you need the source code.