HECU Zombie Creation


well, we could do a hecu zombie with assassin ai


Dont assasins use paths to move around?
When spawning one, it just stands there shooting at me.


The “naked” Agrunt is also the first one you see in BM. He’s in that lab in QE, you can gas / burn / electrocute him.


It’s not the unarmored model (agrunt_unarmored.mdl) I’m referring to. It’s the agrunt_02.mdl that has a glowing red part in the exposed spine. I just figured that it may be on Xen because of its undeveloped armor. It has different armor than the generic alien grunt (agrunt.mdl).

Back to topic, too bad the zombie can’t be changed without the source code.


Oh, hm, I never saw that one before. Admittedly, I can’t figure out how to make HLMV work with mods, otherwise I would have torn through BM’s model list :smiley:


I still can not believe nobody has managed this???

Is this possible or not?


It’s “possible”, but you’d have to be very hackish about it. So far nobody with the appropriate skill has attempted it. At worst, you’d need to modify maps to add them.

I’d make an attempt, but I don’t have the photo-editing skills required to make the texture, nor to I know how to edit models (only hex) or decompile (and fix) maps.


nice 5 year bump idiot.