Highest Graphics Card?

What is the best graphics card I could run with the following:

OS: Win7 32-bit

Processor: AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Dual Core Porcessor 3600+ (2 CPU’s) ~1.9 GHz

DirectX Version: Directx11

If you need anymore information then tell me and I’ll provide it.

I’d probably upgrade to quad core first and then worry about graphic cards.

The best possible graphics you could get would depend on your mobo and psu. But a lot of cards would just be bottle necked by your processor anyways.

The BEST card you could run would take up two rooms and cost the monthly national defense budget, but run 200 instances of Crysis on modded-max settings. I think “best” is a bad choice of words.

get 4gb ddr2 1066 then attempt to overclock CPU and if you can’t go above 2.4ghz get a new CPU, then get a new motherboard, power supply and your hard drive will be a bottleneck too at that point so scrap that too, and then I would recommend a radeon 5770 or 5870 or something around that


OR what sersoft said.

Honestly I’m not that good with the whole technological stuff. I’m just a simple gamer that needs to get rid of his fucking GeForce 6150 LE. Perhaps I’ll just by a new computer all together.

I think that was what sersoft was getting at.

you need a 4 way SLI capable motherboard from evga and then run 4 liquid cooled gtx 580 graphics cards. then you need an I7 extreme processor, 16 gigs of ram, a separate cooling tower to house all the radiators, a 1200 watt power supply and then some cocaine to give you enough confidence to explain to your mom why exactly you blew your college fund on a computer.

To Alienware!


Do NOT go Alienware. I bought 1 pre-built computer from them, and the thing barely ran.

The GPU was DOB and the replacement never worked right, I got a BSOD almost every month.

The monitor they sent died for no apparent reason about 2 months later and I had to go back to using my old one.

Also, the Guitar Hero III set I bought with the computer came with a guitar controller that was a broken model… technically not there fault I guess, but still didn’t help the situation.

I’m not really a hardware expert at all compared to most other people on this forum, just felt that such a statement needed to be fixed before damage was done.

I wouldn’t say “Don’t go with Alienware because their quality control sucks.” I’d say “Don’t go to Alienware because you’re going to spend $5,000 on an $800 computer.”

Build it yourself, or have a friend who’s good with computers build it for you. You’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

No! To the ATImobile!

This picture always reminds me of old ISA cards that we used to control foam cutting machines at a job I had a couple of years ago. Those freakin’ things we’re like two feet long, and required an external power source to run. And we had to use old Compaqs that ran on Win98 or older because ISA slots aren’t available on newer mobos, and the hardware couldn’t support XP or even 2K. But the cards barely fitted into their cases, so we sometime had to cut parts of it so the card fitted. I also remember a tower so old and heavy that we had to be atleast two person to transport it. It ran on NT3.1 I think.

Fun times.

I’ve learned so much since making this thread. I’m so. fucking. proud. Still got the same cheap shit computer, though.

not enough apparently…

also, bump!

Please don’t make flaming comments based on personal beliefs towards any group. That’s just discrimintory and completely insensitive.

A 690 is the best single graphics card (even though it’s pretty much two 680s). The 680 and 670 (which is what I have) are very close in performance and are just behind the 690. The best you can get now would be 4 way sli with 690s but that would cost a fortune and require a computer and mobo that they would fit in.

A serious tip here:
Because your cpu would limit your graphics card a lot I would recommend buying a GTS450 or a AMD HD5770 or HD5750 or HD6770 or HD6750. These cards also would be limited by your cpu but your graphics card would not be the limiting factor anymore in your system. Buying a completely new pc would give you the biggest benefit.