Hitman Absolution

Searched and didn’t see anything but the search is known to be terrible.

Anyway I’m really excited about this game. It started off looking pretty terrible but recently it’s been looking pretty good. Here’s a video of a level that looks like it plays out pretty much exactly like a mission in any of the other games:


And then there’s this thing that was just revealed:

That’s right. Custom hits. I’m still being a little cautious but overall this game looks like it’s going to be fantastic.

Same man, I can’t wait for this game.

I played all Hitman except Code name 47 through


I have no idea if this is real or not but I hope so. Not having him in the game wouldn’t have really bothered me but they way the treated him was really bad. This was really the largest complaint against the game as well. So yeah, I hope this is true.

In the end, I think that they “removing” David was a marketing device

David Bateson is back.


Yeah, now bring back Jesper Kyd pl0x

It’s possible. If that’s the case it was very well planned I would say.

YES THIS SO MUCH. Jesper Kyd is a fantastic composer. Both this game and Assassin’s Creed III will be lesser games without his work.

Why did they remove Jesper Kyd anyway?

Jesper was busy