HL1 RPG physics


The BMS rocket aerodynamics are spiffy and all, but nostalgia’s hitting me and now I wanna implement HL1’s style of RPG flight - where it couldn’t turn on a dime and behaved somewhat more like a real missile, is there any way to do this or is it built right into the game, à la the MP5’s burst fire? (If there was a way to make it single shot only, I will give a thousand cookies, chocolate chip)

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I believe you can right click to turn off the laser guiding system, just like in HL2.



That…that was nowhere near what I was asking lol

I want the aerodynamics of the HL1 rocket, not to toggle the laser between dumb-fire and guided modes. if you remember in HL1, you couldn’t spin the rocket 180 degrees unless a) you had a large open space for the missile to steer itself, and b) you didn’t spin around fast enough to make the missile lose track of the laser.

HL1’s missiles had a significantly larger turning radius than BMS missiles (flick your wrist and it’ll go right that way). In fact, on On a Rail I gave myself an RPG and found out that you could make the missile float on the tracks just by dumb firing at a spot some distance away, quickly looking at one of the rails then turning on the laser, if done right the missile will spaz out but won’t explode until it runs out of fuel. You could see it had the ability to turn instantaneously by the fact that it spazzed back and forth between the sides of your crosshair in an attempt to hit the spot you were looking at.



BM uses Half-Life 2’s rocket physics, as far as I’m aware you can’t modify them without source code access.



Well Half-Life: Source still has the Half-Life rocket style, so its probably the projectile you have to edit



You can change this somewhat by modifying the RPG’s values in skill.cfg.

Our current multiplayer RPG behaves very similarly to HL1’s RPG - it even has that fire delay at the start for balancing purposes. They’re much slower and don’t track terribly well, just like HL1.

That bug with making the rocket spaz out, back when we were in the very early stages of MP, still on the 07 engine, was really easy to do in MP. Very often on Gasworks I remember, we would go outside only to find 3 or 4 rockets spazzing out, because people would do it all the time. We wanted to keep it as it was really funny, but that was an argument I did not win!



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Ahh thanks a lot Text, yeah the spazzing rockets are pretty funny, shame they aren’t kept in multiplayer lol

EDIT: What’s the HL1 rocket’s airspeed, and what’s sk_grenade_rpg_precision? Are there also any other cvars to edit? Thanks again!

2ND EDIT: Ahh, found out what rpg precision does - setting it to 0.1, from the default 1 causes it to track the laser old-school style, where it couldn’t snap 180 degrees in the blink of an eye. Now to just find the original rpg velocity…and maybe even the soft-launch mechanism like in multiplayer as you said, if possible…