HL2DM MAP: dm_ob_battle_lobby_hd_rc1

Map Name: dm_ob_battle_lobby_hd_rc1
Developer: gtamike_TSGK
Game: Half Life 2 Deathmatch

—> http://forum.tsgk.com/viewtopic.php?mode=attach&id=8432

Brief Description
The map has 8 hallways 4 on the lower level, and 4 on the upper level. On the lower
level there are 2 stair ways to get to the 2nd level also 4 lifts and 4 ladders. The main
area is the middle lobby this is a nice and open area. The weapon layout has been
well thought about and the gameplay is fast. The lighting took along time to get just right.

New features/Gameplay
Added speed ladders, walk/run out of windows and they break; plus 1% glass shard cut
damage to player, teleport areas are smaller for faster teleporting, areas where ladders
are a bit bigger so you can use the ladder more easily, map lighting completely redone,
custom prop textures for explosive barrels and ammo crates, animated models on top of
circle glass windows, HD textures, as well as other materials tricks to make textures look
nice quality and HD env_cubemap reflections added for best quality.

Pictures (Click for High Res) More Here http://forum.tsgk.com/viewtopic.php?t=5063

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Here’s another HD hl2dm map I did this year.

whoa man this looks


i’m not even kidding

in terms of lighting, i’m not even sure there is any lighting, it’s like you left allbright on
it’s all brushwork with very little attention to detail

the columns could use some smoothing
cubemaps, oh god
the only semi-good thing is the layout, symmetrical, seems fine
i don’t even know who’d like to play this horrible mashed potato mess

oh god

2/10 would not play

anybody plays hl2dm yet? there’s around 5 servers that have 10 or more ppl and thats it, i like that game, a pity nobody plays it :frowning:

I used to play all the time on the freedom fighter servers. Too busy now though.

About 500 people still play HL2DM, it’s enough considering server slots are 16 for Deathmatch and 32 for Team Deathmatch.

Now we know you’re just an idiot…there are shadows in the screenshots…it’s a W.I.P. and I’m pretty sure he is competent enough to work on it some more. It’s common sense that he knows what is unfinished.

This is terrible.

Gtfo that map looks horrid, and why start an entire thread on an unfinished piece of shit? Obviously he needs the criticism.

You guys haven’t been on GameBanana.com if you call this terrible. Sure he has to work on it some more but you can see that he already had an idea of what he was doing. I can’t judge the layout because I don’t play Half-Life 2: Deathmatch but it seems fine as a WIP. And the lighting isn’t even bad, I kinda like it. Maybe a few more colours will do it.

Yeah bring on the criticism so I can improve more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the OLD version.

boring map – there are a ton just like. What’s your drive to even finish it? Make something original.

Wanted to make a map with long hallways for the action to take place in.

RE: Make something original.

There you go lol :slight_smile:

I’d just suggest add A LOT of detail. You got tons of open space, there is plenty for you to add. When I look at the screenshots I have no idea other than some totally cleaned out building. It also looks like you have allbright on.

The layout itself looks great. But as everyone else has added, the lighting doesn’t look good at all. It can be tricky to get sometimes, but bad lighting can really wreck a map. And as someone else said above me, you need to add more detail. If not, then maybe scale it down a few sizes. Remember, less is more. It’s better to have a smaller, well lit, and detailed map than an oversized, badly lit, and empty one.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that the other map you linked to looks awesome.

the old version had more shadows
in that huge hall that is
if you really want to improve the map i suggest playing with the shadows, adding more details and more use of models - brushwork looks horrible, and if you even manage to make something good out of brushwork, chances are it’s going to affect the game performance-wise

Now that’s a good looking map; how do you go from that to this? Concept-wise I mean?

I made the layout for battle lobby in 2007/2008 and I just wanted to improve it as it looked dated.

2008 vs 2012 (pictures)

Insulting somebody’s work.

Cause that’s the way to get them to improve isn’t it…[/SIZE]

Edit: forget my comment.

To me it just reminds me of the big killbox maps that are just blood baths. Looks like there isn’t much room for strategy here.