Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter

Ya’ll already know what the deal is.

watched the video…

And was like…What the?!..

I guess I needed to be there to get it

yeah, you got to read/play/watch homestuck to get the just of it. Though it’s pretty hard for some people to start it now, considering it’s almost 9001 pages long.

I never got mspa.
Is it supposed to be a game or not?

hard to explain, it’s like a mix of a book, a game, and an animation. Some parts do have interactive gameplay.

gameplay ex:

some parts of gamplay have combat.


It already reached its funding goal though within like the second day. Hussie has loads of support.

It’s a pseudo-webcomic that tells a story in the format of a mock text-based adventure. Some pages have flash animations, some have animated gifs, and some have full flash games to help put the story across.

It’s a very unique format that nobody has ever used before. That’s why it’s difficult to put into words.

well fuck its over 9000