How does Gordon know how to operate guns

He’s a physicist,he is not supposed to be trained with military grade weapons…
I understand the training course to a degree, but why would they bother teaching non security personnel to use an MP5?

Was it becuase of xen? I’m a little confused.

Training Facility, I think that’s canon. Correct me if I’m wrong.

As if firering a weapon is so difficult. It probably needs some practice, but nothing that can’t be learned during use. I am a physicist and I don’t see a problem that I couldn’t use a MP5. And I’m not even from gun-loving america!

Maybe he owns guns and shoots them in his free time. That’s not far-fetched at all.

Yeah, I guess that’s an explanation.

Load mag, ck two switches…fire.

Yeah, it’s really amazing that a physicist could figure that out!

Maybe he used to play doom

It’s easy, just point and click.

He’s american, case closed.

It’s a game…How do you know how to play it?

Nope. Valve canon states he never held a gun before the Hazard Course.

Of course, guns are simple enough to figure out. Pull trigger to fire, press a switch to release and swap out your mag. Everything’s labeled on most guns anyway, a cursory inspection would reveal all Gordon would need to know.
And if he’s picking them off of dead enemies/allies, the safety would be off already.

Because they were making visits to the borderworld Xen and had to train on how to defend themselves from the natives.

In fact:

  • the room before the teleportation chamber is full of ammunition
  • any scientist in H.E.V. suit found in Xen carry ammunition box

My answer.

The real question here is: why can’t the other science team members do what Gordon does?

H.E.V. suit corpses?

Gordon is prepared for Xen from the beginning, but he doesn’t know.

Other scientists simply don’t have the protection of H.E.V. suit so they die during military and xenian forces raid.

His physicist training has trained him to press buttons. Not suprised if he can pull a trigger.

Obviously only people who wear H.E.V. suits get the training, because they probably get trained before they are assigned to a sector and what duties they are to uphold. Seeing as how most people in H.E.V. suits are sent to Xen to harvest things and fend off against aliens, I would say it’s a pretty good idea to have gun practice in basic training…

Just look at Colette Green and Gina Cross – they both wear H.E.V. suits and they kicked ass just like Gordon.

To all the people saying you just need to point and shoot, if that was the case then anyone who knew how to shoot a gun would have stellar aim automatically.

The suit can help targeting hence Gordon prowess in handling guns, even for a newbie in that matter (and the will to survive can also bolster a man/woman’s capabilities).