How does Gordon know how to operate guns


Perhaps chalking this explanation up to “It’s just a f***ing game. Don’t worry about it.” is the best answer.


New Game

Training Room



I think that all the guns are non-canon, Gordon just used a crowbar the whole time, no experience reqiured for a crowbar right?


I guess the HEV suit assist aim and basic learning explains why.

thanks guys.


To be honest, I am somewhat surprised at it too - just from having played the game Receiver, by Wolfire Games (which basically has you operate every little switch and mechanism of your 1911 with various keyboard controls) I know that guns are just a little more complex than some people realize, and many people would probably enter a fight with one, pull the trigger and have nothing happen, then have to fiddle with several things to figure out what they did wrong, possibly accidentally dropping the magazine midway.

Anyway, I’d say don’t worry about it. If we ever get a Half-Life movie it can focus on that bit.


Case closed. (Maybe he played COD and instantly became a “gun freak” like my damn cousin who’s never shot a gun in his life and talks like he knows them all.)

Ok now for real case closed.


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I’m more impressed that he knows how to operate a manual transmission, in America only auto freaks ever bother to lean.

The 1911 is 101 years old at this point & more complicated to operate than modern weapons.


There is also Gina and Colette.


Exactly. It’s like I said, the training has guns in it because anyone with an H.E.V. gets special training in case they’re used for Xen operations – including Dr. Cross and Dr. Green.


Uhmm Gordan is the main character.

Case Closed…?


Yeah, but I don’t know if Valve considers their adventure as part of Half-Life story.



Specifically, the wise installation wizard


We don’t speak of that being anymore,


Gretchen Fhuzenberg.


When Gordon first puts on the HEV suit, the voice tells him: “High impact reactive armor: Activated…Defensive weapon selection system: Activated, Munition level monitoring: Online.”

This leads me to believe that not only is Gordon trained in how to use guns, he’s expected to use them. The HEV suit also announces, if Gordon runs out of ammo for that weapon, “Ammunition depleted.”

Perhaps he was being trained to go to Xen to collect crystals and other samples to study and the weapons training was to defend himself from the creatures there that would attack him (headcrabs, vortigaunts, etc).

If the HEV suit was only for environmental conditions such as radiation, extreme heat or extreme cold, or to cure injuries such as fractured bones, there would be no reason to monitor weapons.

That’s my hypothesis, anyway. Gordon was trained to defend himself from the Xenian creatures.


That, and the fact that I doubt the HEV would just by chance make for perfect protection from bullets.


He focuses REALLY HARD on using the gun.

Alternatively, every single time he has a problem with a gun (jamming, parts breaking, etc.) he swaps it out with one he finds on the ground. I mean, they’re, like, everywhere.


Well, considering that Questionable Ethics is supposed to be “the reveal” about how long the BMRF teams have been going on excursions to Xen, Gordon hadn’t been there before the resonance cascade. I don’t doubt that they’d have trained HEV suit personnel in some firearms courses, but they wouldn’t have necessarily “read in” every scientist on Xen. A few scientists assume Gordon already knew, but, much like his status as a projection of the player, he doesn’t know about the length of Xen experiments until he visits the QE labs.

What I want to know is why Gordon seems to have no problems gunning down anything in his way, from a psychological standpoint at least.

Ross Scott’s “Freeman’s Mind” seems to explain this away very well though- because Gordon is a complete sociopath.