How does Gordon know how to operate guns


The Training Room! Did no-one play that part? He learned how to use the MP5 and the crowbar (heh).


You’re talking about being in Xen right? I always thought that Gordon had worked at BM there for a while. I mean, Alyx even talks about Gordon and Barney going through the vents to get into Dr. Kleiner’s office. Also, Braney talks about owing Gordon a beer, so you can assume that Gordon has worked at BM for a while.


Correct. When Half-Life was made though, it was intended for this to be his first day on the job. That was later changed and I don’t expect refrences to that to make it into Black Mesa.


Him owing Gordon a beer is a reference to the “Catch me later I’ll buy you a beer” that all the Security Guards would say before the resonance cascade. But yeah, GordAn definitely worked there before the resonance cascade for a while. Although nobody seems to know whether or not he had Sector C clearance for long.


This may be true, but everyone who used the HEV might have been given the same basic training without being told what it was all used for, since it would have probably been more complicated to do separate training for people assigned to different sectors. It also means if someone is reassigned to another sector they won’t have to have all the firearms training again, which would speed up the process. So Gordon may have got firearms training with his standard HEV training, without necessarily being briefed the reason for his firearms training or Xen.


True, in fact every scientist (not only in Sector C) seems to know Gordon.


Why doesn’t Gordon eat or sleep or pee?
Why doesn’t Gordon say a word?
Why does Gordon have no legs?
How can Gordon reach near death, then find some health packs, and be at ‘full health’ a second later?

These types of questions, in my honest opinion, are silly, and should not be answered. Good day sir.


How does he have a HUD? does it plug into his glasses?


Which is exactly why we are not answering those questions.


That’s what I always assumed.


The HEV suit projects the image onto his glasses. :wink:


The glasses project the HUD into his eyes. :wink:


Gordon can get food and drink from vending machines. Half-Life story is a couple of days long and probably H.E.V. suit reduces the fatigue, so sleeping is not necessary. Probably H.E.V. suit automatically expels organic waste (I saw it in a film but I can’t remember the title).

Your thoughts are Gordon’s words.

Gameplay reasons. :slight_smile:



Hazard Course, fucking stop it.


I’m more curious on how Barney in Blue Shift can handle the crowbar in one hand. Those things are heavy, especially if you put them in someones’ face.


Your point? :pirate:


Maybe Gordan had video training on how to reload and operate the gun. The hazard course could of been his first on-hand training.

True question is how did he know how to operate or control the alien’s that he could use as weapons? :3


maybe gordon played too many violent videogames and was only a day away from going on a killing rampage anyway


Well guns are at least a tad more complicated than movies and games make them seem. It’s not necessarily just a pull-trigger, shoot type of thing.

I’m sure though that the canonical Hazard Course did more than just tell Gordon to shoot at the targets when they appeared. It obviously would have taught personnel how to use the MP5 sights, what the proper firing stance is, how to load/reload properly, when/how to open/close the bolt, where the magazine releases are (there are two of them on a military-grade MP5), etc.

In the game, it’s just simplified for gameplay reasons, just like the guns themselves are. The course would probably teach them to use a handgun too.