How does Gordon know how to operate guns


Maybe Gordon just been in the Black Mesa training facility… :smiley:


It’s because he’s wearing a helmet :3 .


Because he watched lots of action movies.

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Maybe Gordan Freeman was SCARING THE LITTLE GIRLS!!!

  1. I knew how to operate guns even without computer games.

Films, airsoft guns are enough to learn how to operate weapons. + airsoft guns have actually same principals on loading ammo from mag to barrel. It’s easy to find that you have to pull the bolt to load a cartridge. When you shot semi-auto gun you see how bolt comes back and forward - you don’t need to pull it back again. As for safety button - those are on some airsoft guns too, sometimes among with fire mode adjuster.

  1. Gordon worked in a secret facility, probably during the Cold War. But there was a notebook with a thin screen (LCD?), though.
  2. During the Hazard Course players learn how to play HL and use weapons. Why does not Freeman learn it too?
  3. In the begining of HL, in the tram we can hear an appointment. It tells something like “in case of a dangerous situation u should help everyone”.
  4. Did not you thought why HEV can recognize weapons and ammo and draw a crosshair? Why is it bulletproof?
  5. How many dead guys in HEV suits with ammo did you found on Xen?
  6. Do you think humans and aliens from Xen were friends before the accident?
  7. Where was the crystal got from? Xen?
  8. One of the scientists in C-33/a said “…your sample…” -> Gordon probably was on an operation on stealing the crystal from Xen.
  9. If Black Mesa was working on teleportation to the aliens’ world, stealing of samples from Xen and other cool stuff, then why Gordon was not prepared for some s**t which can fall on his head&shoulders if something goes wrong?

Did you played “Point of View” mod for HL1? I suggest to do that :slight_smile: It tells about evil scientists from Black Mesa in HEV suits and MP5s, who messed everything when stolen the crystal. There were new “Barney HEV” suits - special suits for “space guards” :slight_smile:
Sure, that’s not official, but fits pretty well into HL gameworld.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hazard Course training was more than just one run through the course. They probably had a day or two in a class room, followed by at least one run through the course. I can see them putting guards and HEV scientists through the same practical class for firearms, with a separate class for the HEV suit or how to properly wear the kevlar + helmet, followed by running the actual Hazard Course.


HL3 will reveal that all of the stories and episodes were nothing more than just hazard course training.


You, sir, are very confused.


Unless you use gas airsoft guns, which are hilariously expensive and inefficient for airsoft guns by the way (unless they are good-quality pistols), airsoft guns do NOT operate like real guns, and therefore that assessment is completely wrong, or questionable at best. I doubt Gordon used airsoft guns anyway.

Movies almost never show proper gun use. Too much hip fire, spray and pray, lack of sights usage, FAR too much racking of the bolt… Movies are meant to look badass and cool. They’re not meant to be accurate.

An average person who is completely gun illiterate would be completely confused as to how it operates without prior instruction. Gordon may not be an average person, true. He might be able to figure things out on the fly since he’s a pretty smart guy, plus he definitely went through the Hazard Course which means he had basic gun training, and as I mentioned before, that training course must have been more in-depth than what we see in-game. But that doesn’t mean he should be able to single-handedly take on trained US military plus aliens and win.

Basically, it’s a game. Don’t think about it. It’s not meant to make sense…



He’s an awesome alien killing machine. That’s all we need to know.


Congratulations! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cold War ended in 1991 and Half-Life takes place in 1998!

That’s not mean Gordon can use weapons!

Friends will be Friends! :slight_smile: There aren’t evidences about it.

Gordon went to Xen only one time to kill Nihilanth.


Not 1998, 200X.

When the scientists travel to Xen for the first time, the combine enslaved Vortigaunts sees them as a threat and attacks them, headcrabs and the gonarch kills almost anything that comes in their way, antlions do too (and there were thumpers in Xen, so there had to be antlions), alien grunts are also enslaved vortigaunt kinds, so naturally they attacked anything human too. Anything on Xen is either enslaved or wild, either way their natural instinct is to kill.

The writer didn’t say that he went to Xen, but that his mission was to go to Xen. Then the accident came inbetween.

And according to Oppossing Force, Gordon was the employee of the month, so he has to have been there for at least more than a month, which gave him a lot of time to both get to know Barney, Kleiner and Eli, also a lot of time to practice in the Hazard Course. So he would be able to handle guns when it got to the point of it.


Yes, but Gordon never knew what actually took place at the Lambda Core, until the resonance cascade occured. Then a bunch of scientist told him that he knew a lot more than what most men ought to (4:26)

As for the gun training, its a decomissioned military missile complex conducting highly classified teleportation technology, bringing back dangerous specimens. Even if Gordon knew nothing about what was happening in the Lambda Complex, he knew the sensitivity of the projects going on, afterall, they were a major supplier to the DoD.

I would suspect all personel would of been trained in the use of firearms; except offcourse consientious objectors and people who don’t like guns, or generally poor at shooting. I also would accept that if Gordon didn’t want to use guns, then the HEV would of been provided to another member of the science team. Basically it is a first step of being groomed to being an offworld science team member.


The answer to the thread is simple: Point and pull.



half life is set in 200- (but i prefer 2003 because i believe in marc laidlaw)

and even if gordon never handled a gun before hazard course, maybe his HEV explains why he can carry all the guns with ease (especially the rocket launcher, tau cannon etc.) its mostly how he can hold the gun and maneuver with it; and since the hazard course is designed to help him maneuver, i think he can figure out weapons in a snap

or you can go the fan fiction route and just assume barney invited gordon to the firing range in a completly differnt time period


AH! Gordon’s suit has a multi-dimensional space-pocket, allowing him to hold anything. Including a handbook for a pistol he picked up at Wal-Mart. He always did want to hunt.


I always imagined that the suit’s back would be magnetized. All Gordon has to do to hold his weapons is stick them somewhere on the suit, and the magnetic pull would keep the weapon attached to him. The fact that it’s powered armor helps explain how he wouldn’t lose his balance, because exoskeletons like the HEV suit would ostensibly allow him to lift heavier objects.


I like to think that the G-Man made him hypercompetent prior to the events of HL1. This process is also why he never speaks. In fact, what we’re controlling isn’t Gordon - it’s some sort of alien being wearing Gordon like a suit. I like to imagine that, from the perspective of all of the NPCs, Gordon is the scariest thing in the Black Mesa incident - a bizarrely able scientist who isn’t acting quite right, occasionally (in some people’s games) just outright kills supposed allies for no reason - and might be humanity’s only hope of survival.


That’s needlessly complicated & just raises more questions.