How to turn off crosshair ?


I’m playing in 3d and have the nvidia stereoscopic crosshair enabled. Is there a console command to turn off the in game crosshair ? I’ve tried crosshair 0 and it says no such command.



I think it’s [tt]cl_crosshair[/tt].



Thanks for that, unfortunately it didn’t seem to work. I’ve put iron sights on and its not too bad with the nvidia 3d sight which seems to work at the right depth. There was a mod on helixmods for 3d and Black Mesa, but I think it was for source 2007. I don’t have the folders he mentions.

Am I right in thinking this won’t work as Black Mesa is now on source 2013 ?



Just in case anyone is playing in stereoscopic 3d, I’ve found that the helixmod does still work, its just the installation directories that are different to the guide. Still no luck on disabling the in game crosshair. Found the nvidia inspector profile for half life source works well with a bit of tweaking for convergence. shift+F12 turns on the stereoscopic crosshair.

Game now looks awesome in stereoscopic 3d with 16x anastrophic and 16csaa !