How to use the bug tracker


For the time being anonymous posting on the bug tracker has been disabled. While we appreciate the effort given to report the numerous bug reports, we need time to sort through all of them. A number of people have posted very nit-picky, non issues and this going to slow us down until we can purge these issues.



I’d like your comments on this scenario. and how it can be rectified.


Also as an FYI: I am going to investigate getting the bug tracker moved. From what I can tell, it is missing some seriously basic features. For example, I can’t perform mass operations on bugs such as changing status nor can I prevent certain users from posting (anonymous ones included).


From your-name-here

“Bug reporting protips:
If you have a correction to make to a bug report, EDIT THE ORIGINAL BUG THREAD. Don’t make a new one! We have enough duplicates already.”

When submitting bugs anonymously, the option to edit a post after it’s been submitted, is not available. It is once you sign up and become a Bitbucket member.

Also, when submitting bugs anonymously, you’re limited to one attached image, while members can attach multiple images.


Which is why we’re removing the anonymous portion of this. User-based bug reporting is easier to deal with. Considering the fact that I can’t mass change bug status which is a core feature to any other bug tracker, I’m going to discuss moving to another online solution to deal with bugs.


Maybe consider doing something with the bug categories (art, level design, programming, etc.). I saw many submissions being changed by your team, as a result of the bug submitter not knowing which category is correct/appropriate.


What can I do? This unfortunately is one of the annoyances that comes with a bug tracker. I don’t think there is any bug tracker that allows me to ‘describe’ a category. And even if I did, it requires that the submitter actually click more buttons to go and read the descriptions. We can’t even get people to read the stickies on the forum haha. If you have a suggestion, post it here. :slight_smile:


Only thing I can think of is not to have the bug submitter select a category at all, and have your moderators correctly categorize the bug after it’s been submitted. Don’t know if that’s workable and it does mean a little more work for your moderators, but this is something that they’re already doing, to some extent. Or maybe have an “Unknown” or “Uncertain” category? A moderator can then open up that category and select the proper category for each reported bug.


Poke Hubicorn or another site admin until he or they give you a sub forum for exactly this. It worked with the mapping sub-forum but that was with lobbying from the Moderators. It would make life easier for most of us to merge it to the forum anyway.


@ your-name-here

Within your bug reporting outline post to me, “Stuff We Care About”, you used issue #368 as an example of a desirable “fixable” bug, as follows:
“Same deal here. Ask yourself, are the curb and plant affected by in-game physics? No they’re not so that’s yet another issue we’ll need to fix”.

In fact, issue #368 has been categorized as “WONTFIX”. As you can imagine, I’m a bit confused. Can you please give me your definitive comments/position concerning grass/plant clipping issues. There are far more noticeable and worse occurrences than issue #368, especially with plants, that exist in the outdoor areas.


Read the bug report again. John Welsh has given you the answer. Just because I said you should report a bug doesn’t mean it will be fixed. For example, I was not aware that the grass was procedurally generated. I would have figured that out after you have posted the bug as I would need to look into the cause of the issue.


It’s amazing how many “very minor” wontfixes there are lately. Not to dis the developers, but if I spent six years on a mod, I wouldn’t care how minor something was. I’d still fix it.


Oh, I see. Sorry for the mixup.


It’s poor foresight and community education on your part that an explanation as to the change in categorizing most of the issues reported through the bug tracker to a “WONTFIX” status, was prompted only after an inquiry by imadoofus, questioning you as to why this was the case.

Although your detailed explanation is certainly welcomed, it should have been posted 6 days ago, when this change in the manner in which you handle bug reports was initially instigated.

It would have saved the BM community the potential angst, demoralization and frustration that our efforts were not being appreciated, availed of, and hopefully and eventually acted upon, working in tandem with you towards the overall betterment of the BMS mod.


To sum this all up, please refrain from posting clipping, lighting, or z-fighting issues. I doubt we’ll ever address half of those (strictly because we have so much more work to do). They’re incredibly minor, don’t affect gameplay, and distract us from major issues like weapon bugs / crashes. We hold those in much higher priority than clipping / z-fighting / lighting problems.


As i said many month ago, only two days after you opened the Bug Reporting Forums, i would recommend to install your own bugtracker on your webspace.
That would give you much more control over the tracker and the bug-reporting.

I simply dont get the point with the forums at all. Many month have passed and the forums are still open for submissions. Why?
It’s not a good idea to have two places for something like bug reporting, and a forum isn’t suitable for this at all.

What you should do: close the bug reporting forums, install your own bugtracker, integrate it to your website and benefit from something, that is designed for your needs.
This way you will also get your >>>official<<< solution.

You should have done this long ago, but better now than never? Your choice.


First off, there’s no reason to be so curt. Secondly, I wasn’t even on the team when this bug tracker was setup, and setting one up on our own webspace takes time. We don’t have that right now. I will agree that having two places to report bugs might get confusing, but I think we’re managing just fine.


But you had the time to read through all of these forum topics? I doubt that this took you less time than setting up a bugtracker when i was asking about it back in september.

You should be prepared for another huge wave of bugreports after the release of the first patch. I still don’t get the point in waiting?
You guys will have a lot more work with reading topics on the forums and bug reports on the “unofficial” bugtracker. Also there will be much more identical reports to sort out again.

It’s better to invest the time now, before you release any patch, isn’t it?


Look bro, I think there has been a miscommunication here. My problem is not with the volume of bug reports. It’s with the volume of bug reports from Dadster. Everyone else has been reporting awesome issues that are definitely problems. Dadster’s reports on the other hand, consist of objects being off by three units, or safety problems such as switches being too close to a ledge. I’ll open the bug tracker and he’ll literally post 50/60 bugs within 5-6 hours about stuff that we honestly can’t easily fix.

I don’t have a 4-5 hour chunk of free time to setup an entirely new bug tracker, configure it, and test it. We’re not getting paid to work on this project. Doing stuff like this takes away time from my real job and my family.

Quite frankly, this really isn’t your problem, so no need to worry about it :slight_smile:


So much for your concerns about not being rude. Any particular reason why you’re singling out and ripping me apart, in a post originally submitted by TurboTsunami, concerning revamping/updating/redesigning the bug-tracker?

Respectfully, I take issue with your comment that “Everyone else has been reporting awesome issues that are definitely problems. Dadster’s reports on the other hand, consist of objects being off by three units, or safety problems such as switches being too close to a ledge”. These two examples are by far, far in the minority and were put forth more as proposals, rather than bug-fixes.

Obviously, I’d like to think that I’ve also “reported awesome issues that are definitely problems”, just like the rest of the community, as is evidenced by the fact that dozens of bugs-issues that I have reported were actually accepted and have been “RESOLVED” by your team. Let’s not lose sight of this fact, and make it appear or suggest that ALL of my bug submissions are nonsensical, as you have done. That would be an inaccurate statement or conclusion on your part.

I think I should be afforded some amount of appreciation or credit in my efforts to improve BMS, and not made out to be the bad guy.