How's this for indie dubstep?

Finished my thirteenth song today, take a listen at . Genre- Electronica, Dance, Chipbreak, Techno. As the description says I spent a LOT of time on this song, and I need your help! Please post any constructive feedback, did you hate the song? Did you like it? Ect. Thanks friendly black mesa forum members. FBMFM -haha just made that up :smiley:

You’re too 13 years old to make music.

sounds like it came from some space shooter from the nineties

It’s okay.

Can’t you turn those off? And why would you want to, unless you’re getting butthurt over comments/ratings? Even though youtube comments tend to be :expressionless: you could still get some good criticism from them.

Oh, I meant that as a joke. I do want people to comment, rate, and subscribe. It’s just I saw this funny youtube video about the slogan “comment, rate, subscribe” and I never wanted to hear that again because soo many people use it. LOL

You need dynamic contrast. You need musical threads that make sense. Give the music some shape. Right now it’s just a wall of chiptune sound coming at me without very much context. Listen to some of the best chiptune music I’ve ever heard as inspiration.

WOW! Why didn’t I ever hear of this? Sabre Pulse is good, but I also like what you posted. Oh found out its Soul Eye. It’s very influential. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

By the way, the proper quote buttons for a post are underneath the post, not above.

Not bad man, it has a pretty decent flow to it. But as others have said, you need to work on it.

A little busy and not in my taste of music but it’s decently composed.

Thanks Lamboman. I personally felt it was the best composition I’ve made, but like many others and myself say- there is always room to improve. Glad hearing from you guys :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to update for future songs.

Another free dubstep song for your enjoyment…star fighter!

Star Fighter-

Night Sky-

My first song under my new alias Teksaur (snowbeard64, neonicorchestra, starsandthemoon). If you download the song all I ask is show some thanks by pressing like or subscribe. After all, it took me 2 straight weeks working on this for hours everyday, and my acne was the worst its ever been (although my face is pretty clean in the youtube pic lol). So ya leave a comment or question and I’ll be sure to reply back :wink: Btw this is my 35th song, yay!

Well. . . . The intro was decent.

Thanks for the feedback.

The composition was pretty good, man. Get a different vocalist. It took me a while to set aside my pride and not record on my own tracks, but it greatly improves overall production quality to recognize parts that need to be swapped for a different talent.

Bump, I have a new song Star Fighter :slight_smile:

No, why did you delete that song? I’d love to listen to it! Moreover the reviews are very good.

would’ve got a free view from me

This is my last song for a while, and the description can explain why.


download link->

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