HTML Canvas Experiment: Circles[/SIZE]

It’s a little experiment I did with HTML canvas. Hopefully I’ll come up with some game mechanic using this in the future.

Great work. I had this song playing in the background as I played around with it. What an epic experience that was.

Some cool shit this is.

So here’s my HTML5 experiment.

It’s a work in progress, involves several forms beforehand, and still needs a lot of CSS styling and some way of viewing lists of creations other people have made.

If you don’t feel like going through it all, here’s the basic sort of result:

That’s awesome!

And Katana I like the idea you’ve got going there.

Here’s one of my HTML5 projects.

Still very much a W.I.P but it’s getting there… (Slowly)

That’s cool! It would be nice if it somehow covered the whole window, not just the left side of the screen.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s suppose to be embedded on a website eventually that’s why it’s only 700x700 pixels.

I did write a small ping pong game once that filled the whole window.

Shows a blank page for me (Firefox 14). :frowning:

Maybe an HTML5 successor to Portal: the Flash version, using this particle system tech for the gels :slight_smile: ?

This thread is now about peoples’ HTML experiments.

you have to let it load for a while

Thanks for the hint! Now that I have a decent connection again, I can try it.

GJ, coding is cool