I can't play online games my Internet is slow I need help


My Internet is super slow and there’s nothing wrong with our internet provider . So I’m guessing that my router is causing all troubles. But then again, I’m not an expert on this and it might be the switch, can you tell me how these two works so I can sort it out? Thanks!



Troubleshooting is always good in these cases. * Are you connected to the Internet via a cable from the router to your computer or via WiFi?

  • If on WiFi; how far away from the access point are you? How strong is the signal?
  • Are there other people on the network using a lot of bandwidth?
  • Does this happen consistently or is it situational? If so, is it faster or slower depending on the time of day?
    ​I would recommend first going to a website such as http://www.speedtest.net and see what your up/down speed is to rule out that you might be on a slow connection.


Can you please visit http://www.speedtest.net, while connected to your router, and post your results back? Also, please test this with other computers (laptops preferred) that are connected to the router.

Thereafter, please then connect your computer directly in the modem provided by your ISP and run the test again. Love to compare these results to further help you.



Just like you I’m confused between routers and switch but eventually I learned that routers and switches are both computer networking devices. Both allow one or more computers to be connected to other computers, networked devices, or to other networks. However, routers can connect wired or wireless (WiFi) networks while a switch is used for wired networking connections.



I’m connected via Wifi.
I’m very near the access point and the signal is fine. There are 4 bars out of the 5.
No, I’m the only using this.
It’s been really slow consistently this past few days.

Oooh. So that’s it. I already got one of them fixed a few months before but I can’t remember which one since I don’t know anything about the two. It’s probably the router since that is what you say is for the internet connection. It’s a good thing I posted here first since I was already going to buy a Cisco switch. I think they also have routers here. Do you know if they’re reliable? Anyone here with firsthand experience with them?

I really need this fixed ASAP. So thanks for helping!



All I know is how to differentiate the two LOL. We use Cisco switch at the office.