I found 3 problems with the headcrabs in the newest BM version


At the small lake two headcrabs come out from the ground. I like to lure them into the water where they die. In the newest BM version they die when they reach the water but they not sink into it only glance off from it.
map : bm_c2a4a at: -870 x, -800 y, -156 z
setpos -870.449402 -800.634705 -156.389328;setang 2.582928 38.596832 0.000000

Two headcrabs come out from the ground and one of the headcrabs was fell into the iron stair when I shot it down and disappeared.
map : bm_c2a5c

setpos -12149.838867 -10591.263672 5496.031250;setang 12.509805 56.851299 0.000000

A headcrab come out from the ground at the jump pod and I killed it with the hive-hand while it was coming out from the ground and fell back into the ground and disappeared.
map : bm_c2a5g
setpos 1280.525269 -2686.637939 -4.092499;setang 32.264038 -37.947346 0.000000