I Need Help

Hey guys, I need help in relate to mapping. (Sorry if it’s not related to this thread).
I want to know if possibly anyone here can help me by sharing with me a file with all the surface level’s nature textures/props (including roads textures/props) and a separate file with all the HECU/Military props/textures.
It’ll help me a lot, so thanks in advance! ^^ :slight_smile:

Just use the texture browser and search for nature, roads, etc.
All the military props are in props_military and props_vehicles.

Or just open one of the singleplayer maps, they’re in the mapsrc folder.

Also if you in an empty map (MAKE SURE ITS A NEW MAP OR YOU’RE GONNA FUCKUP): Can go to Map->Entity Gallery, that way you can see all entities including the bms ones.

Uhmm, actually I don’t have BMS installed, because I couldn’t manage to make it work with hammer after a lot of time that I tried to do so.

How was it not working? With the Steam version it should be as simple as going to the bin folder and opening Hammer. Literally nothing else required at all.

To ask in the nicest way possible:

Why the fuck do you not have Black Mesa installed when 4 hours ago you started a thread about questions on how to create content for Black Mesa (Hammer) ?

Sounds to me more like he wants someone to pack up a non-specific portion of the assets and send them to him.


So he’s gonna make Black Mesa maps but in a different engine and then cry when they don’t work in Black Mesa?

I never said this was a Black Mesa Map. It’s a HL2RP map actually.

And yea you are right. Didn’t thought it was that big of a deal actually.

So… You want us to help you rip out all the models from the game and then allow you to use them in a different game?

You should probably ask for permission before trying to do that.

I was going to do it while I have the said assets on hand.
But if we’re already talking about this, where do I ask for such permission?

So first you take the models and then you ask the devs if it’s ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

But generally, here on the forums. Make a thread asking if it’s ok with them.

Well yeah, I still want the assets even if I won’t be able to use them publicly.
But alright, thanks.