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Well I have no idea how to explain it,but chapters in half-life 2 is unloadable on steam.Because of two reasons:
i played on mod Half-Life 2 Beta Revived(Alyx and combine solders including rebelians have different skins only-maps don’t changed)
in second one i used back up(i had to off my anti virus program first)and uhm…when i load game and take “New Game” erorr issue comes described as “Can’t load map from invalid handle” and of course it seems to be engine problems.What should I do?



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Right-click on Half-Life 2 in Steam and choose Properties. Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.

Once that’s complete, it should download replacements for any corrupted files.

See if that helps.



now i downloaded half-life 2 beta from e3 2002 as you said i do that i have game ui and can’t load map from invalid handle.Please answwer to my question?I’ll try to not interrupt forum rules.I can proof I’m not spammer just average player.



I have to duplicate posts because you’re not paying attention to my problems about Half-Life 2.I know this equalls ban.I can’t load e3 2002 hl2 maps from servers.



That’s because they don’t exist. HL2 was only shown at E3 2003.

Also, not a good idea to talk about the leak.



The HL2 beta is quite broken. We can’t help you here on it.