I Want More Defense Grid!

Hey all, I’ve been hanging around these forums for quite some time, though never actually registered. Anyway, I just wanted to share this video with y’all and see what you think of it.

The video was made as an entry into the Defense Grid 2 competition (still running if anyone is interested) where you make a video with the theme of “I want more Defense Grid”.


If you enjoyed it, please give me a like as the video for this competition with the most likes will receive an extra entry into the prize draw. Also if you like it I will totally be your friend for the entire time that it takes you to click the button. Afterwards I may look to you with awe and appreciation, like some saintly figure or if you prefer a malevolent overlord who just likes videos of Defense Grid.*

If you don’t enjoy the video… well like it anyway, if only because Defense Grid is an awesome game and its future sequel is likely to be just as awesome.

If you haven’t played Defense Grid and are indifferent about this entire thing: Raspberries.

Anyway thanks, and I hope you do enjoy the video, you viewers you!

*by no means a guarantee. Terms and conditions may apply, and the creator of this thread reserves the right to worship and/or not worship any member, viewer, clicker, headcrab, trans-dimensional elder being or crowbar wielding genius solely at his own discretion at all times and without question. [/SIZE]

I like it! Has it actually been confirmed that we are getting some more Defense Grid in the future?

Thanks for the like, Hyperbyte, very much appreciated! They are definitely working on new DG content, as they currently have both an expansion to the original and a sequel in mind, but this depends on how much money they raise. They’re going the Kickstarter route. You can find more information about it hereat their page.

Looks very nice :smiley:
I think i’m going to download it!

They are releasing the old game in the new engine and Co-op, when the fundraiser hits 500.000USD.

At 750.000 there’s a level editor, Linux and Mac support.

At 1.000.000 USD there ist DG II.

Video from the CEO of HiddenPath: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2UoIYByv9o

Hey that’s pretty cool news! I wonder why they have to go the Kickstarter route though. You’d think they’ve made enough money from Defense Grid already.

According to their FAQ on the Kickstarter page it seems that they did sell enough games, but sold the game for too little. I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages to that. I for one would likely have not tried it out had it been more expensive, but on the other hand now that I’ve played it I would happily pay more for a sequel and more content.

If you watch the video, they’re stating that although DG sold very good they didn’t have that great of a revenue. To get DG out of the door they had to take up debts and this time they didn’t want to do it. It’s not only DG2 they want to make, but even a whole new campaign for the first part!