I Will Probably Be Moving To Florida In October

I had a job interview this evening, and it went well. I got an offer to start when they get moved into their new office. I will be making about the same money I am making now, and they will even help me get set up in a new place.

Yay! :smiley:

I am so fucking terrified…

Where at in Florida?
The best part about Florida are the dog tracks, the worst things about Florida are the lightning, the sink holes and that Scientology is headquartered there.
P.S. Got great seafood though…

Palm Beach county. The office is in Del Ray now, but moving next month a town or two up north.

I have been to a dog track in 2014 to play poker. Didn’t watch and races. And I don’t gamble or play cards anymore…

And I also hate seafood.

Left out a few other important things. Jai Lai is huge in Florida and it seemed like they have more golf courses there we posts in our threads!
Check out Boca Raton, I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea that you could go to a dog track and play poker.

I measured a bank in Boca back in 2014.

I need to put together a list of things I need to buy when I get there…

Great! I’m glad things are shaping up in a way you want them to! It’s a great feeling when that happens, tho I get the “I’m terrified!” - my wife and I kinda decided today to move to brasil by the beginning of next year, so I will have this moment, too, that’s for sure.

I’d like to ask you something about the work you do. You are working in an architectural firm, aren’t you? What is it that you do there? I believe I remeber you mentioning 3D visualisations. Is that still true? If so, what programs are you using? And did you learn those by yourself?

Anyway, best of luck for your future life down south!

(One more question: Why did you favor Florida in stead of - say - California?)

I learned Autocad in high school. I did figure a lot of stuff out on my own though. I have done any 3d work since 2014 unfortunately.

As to why not California? I’m an east coast guy, Florida is less expensive, and has better air from what I have heard. Also, I have been there before and know the area a little.