I'd like to ask something about the voices


I’d like to ask something about the voices:

I’d like to ask is there any chance to change some dialogues to other with another voice?
I find funny almost every Black Mesa guards have the same voice and the scientists haven’t got many voice actors either.
Do you think about to create some other new dialogues too for the soldiers etc…
I’d like to volunteer to make some dialogues.


Yeah, I bet it´s like super easy and simple to find decent voice-actors and go through recording-sessions and faceposing all over again. Besides, surely Xen developes itself so…


Thanks, what a lovely and constructive discussion we’ve had today.


He asked a question. No reason to get all passive aggressive. Jesus…
That being said, you’re right, it’s most definitely not gonna happen. Besides, it’s not like Half-Life 2 had a bunch of different voice actors either (apart from the reoccurring characters that Black Mesa obviously lacks)


Thanks for the answers!


" super easy and simple to find decent voice-actors"
It is.

They’re really good. :slight_smile:


If the makers of the Black Mesa want to pay for the voices… means they have a lot of money to waste!
But of course they have to pay for a good work; and this is more time saving than listening to the free fan made voice-overs.


We need to do something about nincompoops reanimating year old threads.


Woah they must be swimming in wealth! Being able to hire voice actors. Next you’ll be telling me they give profits of the game to the developers. Hah that’ll be the day!


You should report these nincompoops to the admins and they will close the year old threads and ban these wicked nincompoops.

I mean the BM developers could use the fans to give their voices freely to the characters.


I also support more voices… It kinda gets annoying when there’s three scientists right next to each other and they each have the exact same voice. Just a little bit of variety would be nice… just a little…


Obviously you were not here when they did an open mic call. The voice actors in the game were originally fans of this mod since 2005 when it was first born.


Ok, thanks the info! I did not know about this!
I one more thing in this old post…
I wrote an addition to one of the dialogues when a scientist lowers the ladder to Freeman at the Lambda Complex entrance.
map : bm_c3a2b at: 576 x, -2126 y, -2503 z
How can I send this to the makers who will decide it worth to take care of it?


You can contact Debeerguy about it if you like. He was in charge of getting all the voices in sinq with the programing, as well as the translation text if I remember correctly. Judging from the work required to make a change to the voice overs, I doubt they will do it, but you could try if you like.


Thank you very much CatzEyes93! I’ll write to Debeerguy.

edit: I can’t send message to Debeerguy because he is not exist in this system. It found debeerguy007. Is he that Debeerguy who did you mentioned?

I tried to send it to you…
„The username “Debeerguy” does not exist.”


He has a developer tag , probably a safe bet it’s him.


Yep that is him.


Ok, thank you both of you!




So, here’s the thing… Victoria’s the nice one in the group.

Whereas I …

We have no plans whatsoever to put additional human voices into the game.

That would require time and resources, most of which are pointed now at Xen’s development. Quite frankly… we want to get Xen done, and any desires beyond that goal are secondary at this point.

There may be some small fixes to the Earthbound gameplay along the way (if time permits), but additional human voices are not being looked at.

Plus, you know… pretty sure we’d have to pay[/size] for any such new work to avoid legal troubles, should it be placed into the actual steam build.