I'd like to ask something about the voices


Ok, thanks for your time and answer! I wish all of you the bests!


Besides, people are free to mod their game as they please. That’s what the Steam Workshop is for.

By the way, seeing as a you’re already here, I would like to ask whether there are there any plans to ever revisit/ touch up the earthbound chapters after Xen to some - any - degree. I know that Black Mesa is Crowbar Collective’s last and only game as Crowbar Collective, but can we expect limited support for Black Mesa after its full release? It’s just that on some occasions in particular there can be quite a big disconnect in visual fidelity between chapters of the game. Don’t get me wrong, godrays, CSM and all the other engine improvements did wonders for the earthbound chapters, but compared to what we’ve seen of Xen - they’re hardly in the same league.

I am aware that this is just what happens when a game has been in development for well over a decade, and initially started as a volunteer project before eventually going retail, but I just figured like asking anyway. Either way, I’m looking forward to Xen, and I wish you people the best of luck in your future careers when all is said and done!


I doubt that even when it is “done” that the dev team will ever fully be “done” with the game. These cats are passionate about their baby.